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My beautiful mustard seed cardigan has been to the frog pond this morning!!  I had some reservations on the fit especially in the yoke area.  But it took having most of the body knitted for me to make a firm decision to rip it all out.  I knew that I would not be happy with how roomy it was.  I also was cutting it close on my yarn supply.

First of all, my gauge which was perfect in the beginning became a little too relaxed.  Second of all, I am in between a 36 inch and 40 inch size.  So initially I thought the 40 inch would work.  But the yoke is so wide that now I am thinking the 36 inch would be better and I could always block it out to gain an inch.  

Today I will cast on (again) one size smaller (36 inch) and down a needle size as well.  A whole month of knitting was ripped out in less than 45 minutes!  Amazing! For some reason, I am never sad about ripping out.  It is a fact of life in the knitting process.

I did sleep on my decision.  Going to bed knowing that I was probably going to be ripping out a sweater, did not lead to sweet dreams.  


  1. Oh my! My heart sank as I started your post, but I now read that you are casting back on! I think this is one of hte prettiest knits I have seen and can't wait for you to finish. I still have a hard time with frogging items, makes me sad for some reason; but it's all a process right? Anyway, happy knitting! xx

  2. I'm impressed you can be so relaxed about it - that much knitting ripped out would be heartbreaking for me (I knit pretty slowly though!) Glad you're casting it back on though :)

  3. Oh dear. Love your attitude about it though. I've found that the more I knit, the less I mind ripping out. Not that I LIKE it. I just see it as part of the process of getting the finished product that I'm after.

    The yarn is still beautiful!! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  4. Oh Lord. You definitely seem relaxed about-maybe the fitful dreams helped. Sometimes things have to be frogged which is why I probably have yet to knit a "big" project. Best of luck! I still love that yarn color. It will all work out!

  5. You have such a great attitude! I am a new knitter so ripping out seems like the end of the world to me at this point. Hoping I'll mature in my knitting attitude someday :)

  6. Sorry to hear you needed to rip and start again. Always frustrating, but better to do so than not be pleased with the final product. I'm glad you're at peace, however, and ready to start again!

  7. good for you, Karen! smart choice and it will be perfect the second time around, I'm quite sure!


  8. Oh boy, my condolences. You have an impressive attitude - nothing for it but to cast on again!

  9. but aren't you super glad you did it??? I keep asking myself why I can't make the decision to frog when I first think something isn't right--rather than waiting until the project is done....(speaking from experience--just frogged an entire vest...that I looked at for over a year!)

  10. Love it. I found you through Ravelry and here I find Debbie, of No Spring Chicken. LOL! The blog world is small. I'm sorry you had to frog this one. I have one all knitted down to the last four inches... and, it has been sitting in its basket since January. Needs to be frogged. Just haven't worked up the courage yet. Bravo for your courage. blessings ~ tanna


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