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When we were in Ottawa on Saturday visiting our family, we were very lucky to spend some time in the ByWard Market area.  I did not eat any of the desserts in the case, but my husband did have a black forest cake danish.

Inside the building are lots of tiny restaurants and I wish a camera could capture the delicious meals being cooked.

 I do love the tiny town we live in. but boy would I love to have a market like this one near by!  I think you could do all of your grocery shopping and get the freshest ingredients!

I thought the prices were quite reasonable and again the quality of the produce was fantastic!

The fish shop reminded me of the shore and our summer vacation at Cape May, NJ.

Are you lucky to have a market like this one where you live?  And more importantly do you shop there?


  1. I can only dream of having a market like that! How much fun it would be to stroll the isles every morning picking out the freshest produce for the nights dinner! There are times when I wish I lived closer to a town! xx

  2. I would love to have a market like that nearby, it looks amazing! That first picture of all the cakes made me hungry ;)

  3. that is not little! i only wish we had a market like that!

  4. Oh that is awesome! I would love to have a market to shop at like that one! We have a farmer's market in our town. I totally believe in paying a fair price for food, but $6/lb for tomatoes is pushing it for me. Lucky ducks the folks who have that market!

  5. What a lovely market. We had a similar one in Vienna, now we have a very nice farmer's market, but it does not have all the goodies that are in your pictures.

  6. What a great market! I wish we had markets like that near here. Love that garlic!

  7. oh! i see lobster! beautiful market, thank you for sharing!

  8. hello
    what a wonderful market. i wish we had a market like that.thanks for sharing!!!
    have a wonderful time,

  9. We have a couple of markets in Oxford Karen but this is a really good that seafood section...and so many different varieties of apples, we rarely see so many together here in the UK...


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