(my sister made this fall table runner for me, isn't it great?)

My weekend contained:

- driving three hours to pick up our son from school
-driving almost two hours to then pick up our daughter from school
-driving one and a half hours home :D
-a wonderful 48 hours together as a family
-a revisited cluttery family room and a messy kitchen counter
-a full day Saturday doing some serious shopping with my daughter and having lunch at Panera
-buying a new book and wishing I finished the other one....
-dinner out at our favorite Italian restaurant that was not affected by the flood
-going to Mass, saying goodbye to the kiddos, and my husband doing all the driving to get them back to their schools
-cleaning the house and doing the laundry
-knitting with friends!!!  (finishing a sweater that I hope to blog about tomorrow)
-joy and happiness just being in the present


  1. I know your home must have been a wonderful place to be this past weekend and you soaked up
    a lot of children love.
    Panera is my favorite place to have lunch and I am glad the closest one is an hour away or I would be in trouble.
    PS-seems talent runs in your family,the table runner is amazing.xx

  2. What a great fall weekend!! Once you are empty nesters, those family filled times because quite precious (been there!!!)---(and that table runner is fabulous!!!)

  3. awesome table runner! thanks to the hubby for driving them back :-)

  4. I am so enjoying catching up with everyone! I must say that I'm thinking 'who knew that Canada was so into food?' Maybe some of you did.. ;) Your pictures are just amazing and I'm thinking Canada is an oft overlooked gem. Looking forward to seeing the finished sweater and I'm loving the original table runner. But I want my sister to make it for me!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. The runner is great! Why did you pick everyone up from school? I must admit you have me curious!

  6. Oh wow Karen, I am enjoying that runner. Sounds like you had a blissful weekend! I am looking forward to hearing about the sweater! I need some more yarn so now I have an excuse to go to the yarn store-heh heh.

  7. Hi Erin! We picked the kids up just for a family weekend :)

  8. that must be fun to have them home for the weekend!

  9. The first weekend home since the kiddos have been in school? Wonderful!

    Love the table runner. :)


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