This weekend contained:

-a cool down in the temperature
-lots of rain!  We will all need some little canoes around here pretty soon.
-a weekend getaway with my sister and brother in law.
-a cabin in the woods in western PA (photos tomorrow hopefully!).
-being "unplugged" from the world in a sense, the phone reception was terrible.
-good food and lots of laughter.
-a mini hike before the rain let loose on the weekend.
-lots of talking about renting a cabin in the woods again next year.
-smores on the fire......very sticky but still good to eat.
-knitting with my sister :)  the BEST knitting buddy ever.
-seeing snow on the way home on the interstate "the highest point east of the Mississippi"....and yes it was sticking to the grass......it was early morning and the outside temperature was 34 degrees.

Joining Amanda at the habit of being


  1. Great picture, and it sounds like an AMAZING weekend.

  2. Love this photo! Reminds me of a hopscotch court.

    Sounds like you had quite the enjoyable weekend!

    Have a wonderful week. xx

  3. I just bet we were roasting marshmellows at the same time! You are 34 this morning?! Wow! We are 55 so that is nice for here. How nice to have a knitting buddy. I really wish I knew someone here who knits; I tried to teach my daughter,but she's not interested.xx
    PS- Thank you for the podcasts. I put some on my ipod and they are fun to listen to while I run.

  4. Fabulous photo! I love moss. Snow already?!? How delightful. So glad you're enjoying such beautiful days!

  5. great pic! oooooh! cabin in the woods :-)

  6. Sounds... lovely! And the mossy old bricks... perfect!

    Blessings, Debbie

  7. Sounds wonderful. That picture is amazing!

  8. I absolutely love that shot! Moss is one of my favorites. Yeah we are needing canoes here too. We are at least 18 inches over average for rain this month. Eep.

  9. Your pic is so pretty! And I love that knitting with your sister bit - knitting buddies are always to fun to have around.

  10. Love the photo!! And snow???? Brings back memories of our life in Buffalo!


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