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This is the centerpiece on my coffee table.  My mother made the pumpkins so many years ago and I love when September arrives and I display them.  I keep them out until I decorate the house for Christmas.  Yes do you see a tv remote tucked in that basket.  I thought it would be a good place to keep it.

The kids will be coming home for Thanksgiving break and we will be celebrating Christmas (!) with my side of the family during the break.  I feel like I have too much to do to prepare and yet when I write my list it really isn't that much to do.  So maybe it is the excitement that has me feeling a little edgy.

One of the things I most enjoy about the holiday season is that we have for years spaced out our Christmas gift exchanging.  In October we exchange gifts with my husband's parents.  It is difficult to get into the holiday season in October but because of commercialism the stores have some holiday items out for setting the mood.

November is when we exchange for my family.  I have made many cowls and just need to pick up little usable gifts this week.  So really I am ready....right? After this week I will be playing Christmas music and wrapping all the gifts, this usually sets my "in season" mood.

My other thought is that Frodo has been rolling around in something very stinky in the yard. I bathed him twice in one day not to mention baby wiped him down.  I could wring his little neck (not really).  So even though my fingers are peeling from the many soap exposures, he is meeting his doom sometime today for another bath.   He is just very hard to love when he smells.


  1. Once again our thoughts are on the same wave length...
    we are having doggie spa day here too and for the same reason!
    I can't figure out what my Twinkie rolled in and why he seems so pleased with himself,but that smell has got to go!

  2. loving your centre piece, gorgeous colours, so perfect for the season x

  3. I'm still not ready to get in the mood, lol. For some reason, I'm not "officially" ready 'til December, but I like the idea of exchanging gifts earlier. It seems to take the pressure off doing it all at once.

  4. Haha! I panicked yesterday because my husband (the usual dog bather) was out of town until about 6:30 PM (after dark here), and I saw the dog rolling! Luckily it was just a fall leaves roll and not a stinky roll. Ana chose to join the dog for a roll on the ground and it was quite funny! Sorry that you haven't been so lucky and had to do the emergency dog baths that we hate!

  5. It must be doggie bath week for everyone. Koda went in for her grooming appointment yesterday and finally all of that wild fur is under control (and she smells like marshmallows).

    I think you need to play investigator and spy on Frodo. He probably has found something that is dead and deliciously ripe for the rolling on. Eck.

    I am cautiously easing into the holiday mood here. I like the idea of it being spread out. I would think it would be less stressful!

  6. When you exchange gifts then, do you also open them or just exchange to bring back with you? We've often thought to have simple Christmas to celebrate the real reason and then have gift giving sometime in January...but it never goes that way. Right now, I'm so behind with planning of Christmas gifts, etc.

  7. i don't know how i missed this one karen! love your centerpiece. i can only imagine how exciting it is to have your kids home, i'm sure thats the reason for wanting to make sure everythings done.
    and haha, sorry, i won't be laughing when our dog owen does that. i hope it comes out soon!

  8. It is a very cowl Christmas here , or that is the plan , for me too.
    My dear beloved Huck used to roll in scat.....it was the most disgusting smell. He'd get it all over his neck and collar....it stunk to the high heavens


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