My weekend contained:

-lots and lots of time in the car!  We drove to see my side of the family and then we had to get the kids back to their schools.
-pulling out the decorations and decorating the main floor for the holidays.
-being very achy and sore from all the decorating (I refuse to believe it is my age!).
-running a dishwasher because of having a full house.
-making more fingerless mitts for my husband and son.  Almost done!!!
-reorganizing my knitting corner because of the Christmas tree.
-another wonderful afternoon with my knitting friends.
-going to Mass with the new Roman Missal being implemented....really was no big deal to me.

Joining Amanda at the habit of being


  1. I wondered what the new Mass would be like. Mind, I haven't been to Mass in…oh, more than 25 years now, I'd say. Except a few weddings and funerals. But I wondered how different it would be from what I remember as a child… xo

  2. ...I'm really sore too. It has to be from the holidays!

  3. holiday decorating..yay! We pulled our stuff out too. The kids have been "helping" pull things out and now our house looks like a red and green tornado came straight through our living room...haha! ~ Barefoot Mama

  4. what a fun and busy weekend you had! your table looks so pretty and decorating sounds like a perfect idea. i can't wait, maybe this week.
    how nice to have time with your kids.

    and you got more knitting in? i am sad to say i didn't knit a stitch this weekend! (very unusual). :)

  5. There is just no way you can be sore from your age, you are just too young to even consider such a thought!
    I have started to decorate, but still have a ways to go; at least I found the advent wreath and were I hid the candles so it's all good!

  6. Tis the season for busy schedules!! ;) We have started with our decorating too... I think the soreness is from dragging out all those boxes! LOL! Have a great week! blessings ~ Tanna
    ps I'm impressed you are working in some knitting!

  7. You sure managed to squeeze in a full weekend, in spite of all the car (knitting!!!) time! Love the old-fashion-y look of your tablecloth. So home-y!

  8. Ooo, Christmas decorating! We wait until after the birthday next week. Hard to believe it's that time already!
    Hope you got lots of knitting down during all that car time!

  9. Sore?!! I want to see your decorations, I bet they are awesome. We chose not to put up lights this year as we just didn't want to add to the chore of packing, but now seeing every one else's, I am having 2nd thoughts!
    And knitting, ahh how soothing it is just to read about someone else knitting! Glad you found the time...

  10. Looking forward to seeing your decorations! I could lend you Chase.. he's great for hauling storage containers up the stairs and around the house ;)


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