Christmas Time

This is our Christmas morning before the opening of gifts.  The two gift bags on the table contained food so of course they had to be placed where our dear Frodo would not find them. The larger gift was for him.....treats, yum!  Each year the presents get a little smaller because everyone is all grown up now.  This year we were reminiscing (this word looks like it should be spelled a different way) about putting together barbie houses and hot wheel garages.  It would take hours but it was fun.  Yesterday we listened to the kids new CDs instead of assembling toys.

I think in the next couple of weeks I will be quite entertained with three new cookbooks, many novels, and a new photo editing software.  The software will probably stretch my learning abilities. The cookbooks are whole food based.  The one is dairy free, gluten free, and egg free.  I have two relatives who have celiac disease and I always have a tough time with dairy so I thought it would be fun exploring some new menus.

I received The Impossible Puzzle (jigsaw) from my daughter and so far it is impossible. I have a feeling I will invest more time with this than with the new photo software, then again maybe not. My son gave me a hard sudoku book which is the only number puzzle I like.

I hope all of you had a great Christmas weekend.  Just think in a week we will be celebrating a new year!  Time flies when you are having fun.  Oh, I have been mulling over what I would love to knit in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned..


  1. Hope your Christmas was lovely! Your tree certainly is. And we're remembering past Christmas Eves where HOURS were spent putting toys together, lol. Those days are almost past...

  2. Karen, it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas was a little different this year too with the children being older. Time went by so fast! I have a new knitting project myself that I can't wait to start, hopefully today.

  3. Love to know name of your cookbook that is dairy, gluten & egg free. Plus how you are finding it.
    I'm cooking like this so very interested.

    Looks like you had a lovely Christmas
    Love Leanne

  4. sounds like a lovely christmas karen! but, no yarn from santa? : ) you must have quite a stash already... happy christmas and new year!

  5. We, too, did some recalling of Christmases past! As a little one--my daughter just had to have a Barbie head; I thought this was so disgusting--just a head!!--that we didn't get it. For years (as a grown "kid") she would lament the lack of ever getting the "one toy she always wanted....the Barbie head. A couple years ago, I found one on Ebay--and gave it to her as a joke. Guess what? She was as disgusted with it as I was when she was little!
    Have a continued happy time with your kids!

  6. Gorgeous picture of your tree. Our toy days are over too now, except for the kitty toys......
    I hope to play around with my new camera more this week

  7. What a colorful tree!
    I hope you have a wonderful rest of December and I look forward to reading your 2012 blog.

  8. It looks like a splendid Christmas! I hope you share some recipes if they work out!

  9. oh goodness! You are formally invited to come over and decorate my tree next year. :)

    good luck with the software! Enjoy the rest of these cozy December days!

  10. What a gorgeous tree! It sounds like a lovely day for everyone! xo

  11. Your Christmas sounds like it was a very merry one! What a great photo of your tree--the colored lights are gorgeous (we have colored lights on our tree, too).


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