Ridge Cowl Complete

Here are some photos of the Purl Ridge Cowl that I completed last week.  I have not blocked the cowl yet and I am thinking maybe I should.  Very gently though because of the alpaca and alpaca can be droopy.  I love the feel of this cowl, but I am not thrilled with the curling of the stockinette area.

I have been trying very hard not to buy any more purple yarn.  It's difficult because I am attracted to purples and grays oh and greens.  

The kids are coming home today.  That means my clean and tidy house will not be clean and tidy.  Let's see if I can relax and enjoy the mess for the three to five weeks that they are home, I promise to try, really!!  I have only just started to menu plan.  I have to wrap all the gifts.  

Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. What a beautiful color! I'm not exactly a fan of purple, but that one is truly lovely.

    I knit a scarf recently - the waffle scarf. It curls like mad, too. Right into a tube. Wouldn't really lay flat and I have no place to block a 60+ inch scarf. Oh well.

  2. It's beautiful Karen. How do you block gently? I guess I only know one way and that is soak for 15 minutes then pin.
    Hooray! Your babies will be home. I get what you're saying about the mess; I struggle when I have all of mine here. I know I am their Momma, but the messy gene is from their Dad! :)
    No, I am not ready for Christmas and with it in the high 70's today it doesn't help.

  3. Your cowl looks beautiful, and wonderfully snuggly :)

    I go through phases where all the yarn I buy/knit seems to be the same colour. I went through a purple phase, and orange one, a dark blue one... I really should try for more variety!

  4. Not ready, no, but I love your cowl! Blocked or no, it's very pretty. Enjoy those kids!

  5. I think purple would be so hard to resist if that is what you end up with! It is lovely. I have a hard time blocking cowls. I like them so squishy. Can you just steam block it?

  6. The cowl turned out so pretty! You must be getting rather close to the finish line, too! I still have gifts to wrap (which also includes 2 birthdays); we go next week to visit our son and family (5 children); I'm doing my best this year to use up all the odds and ends of wrapping paper! Rather interesting wrapping going on around here. Happy weekend--happy family time!

  7. I've been looking for a new cowl pattern...that one is so pretty and looks wonderfully warm and cozy. I've been drawn to purples a lot lately too.

    Thanks for visiting the World of Wiedz.

  8. I'm ready, but still a mess how is that?

    Baking this weekend and that's it. We've just had too many places to go and things to do.

    I have to laugh, I relish how clean my house is on Saturday, right now it looks like a tornado has blown in.

    Enjoy the mess, and hopefully the love and laughter that comes with it.

    p.s. you've pretty much enticed me to TRY to learn to knit next year.

  9. Funny ~ I made the same commitment to myself....not the purple yarn one, the one about not stressing about the messy house! I love blue yarn! Love your cowl....you are such a fast knitter!

  10. not ready at all!!! but i plan to get much done this weekend so i'm closer to feeling and being ready.

    love the cowl. also, i have a weakness for yarns in various shades of purple and grey...there is nothing to be ashamed of!

  11. Ooooo lovely cowl! It goes beautifully with the cardi you're wearing.
    And I know what you mean about enduring the messiness. I think the hardest thing (well, one of. . :) about raising children is the constant messes, and I hate messes. Oh well, it was all worth it ;)!
    Merry Christmas,

  12. LOL! I had to laugh at your comment about the kids coming home and the mess that comes with them. So it doesn't change after they've already moved out of the house? Bummer.

    The cowl is lovely of course! And I am almost ready for Christmas. Still have some secret wrapping and some mailing to do. Oh and I want to make some of Soulemama's lip balm--excited about that. Then I am duuuhhhhne.

    Btw, I've decided to try the tea leaves cardi first. But I am chomping at the bit in trying to wait till after the holidays to buy the yarn. Yikes!! Thanks so much for your help!

  13. The cowl looks perfect to me...and it's interesting because I'm learning all about 'blocking' from other peoples' comments...I don't think it's something we do over here...unless i've just been missing out a process...!

    ...oh and my weakness is for grey wool...but this purple is lovely...

    I know the house won't stay tidy for long but Christmas would be just awful without the kids...

    As for being ready...I've been set back with a virus and only baked the Christmas cake yesterday...and all my extra knitted stocking fillers have kept me busy but it's amazing how all the necessary things finally get done...even if it's on the eleventh hour...

    Have a wonderful holiday...

  14. Three to five weeks! That's such a nice long break for them! Enjoy!

    Your cowl is beautiful! I love purples and greys and green...oh and red.

    And I'm not even close to ready...trying not to think about it.

  15. Ooh, what a lovely cowl. The colours are gorgeous. I always get tempted by beautiful colour yarn, too bad. :)
    I am way too relaxed about the whole Christmas and gift situation, I must be forgetting something..
    You enjoy the mess!

  16. Getting there.....son from college home tomorrow until January 1 or so. It is different with them home, but wonderful too. I vow to live happy in the short time the messes are more around here.

  17. great cowl! i love purple too and am determined to buy more black yarn because that is what i tend to wear. but, your cowl is a great color scheme. i would wear it. enjoy the family and feasting and all the celebrating together! wonderful memories will be made. : )

  18. The cowl is gorgeous! I am drawn to purples, grays, and greens, too. It's funny when I look at my "stash", how all of the yarn coordinates ;-).

    Have lots of fun with your family! I'm almost finished with my wrapping. Next week I'll bake and do a couple of fun projects with the kids.

  19. oops, that last comment was from me ;-). I didn't realize that my daughter (Amy) was still signed in when I hit publish.

  20. Mm love that yarn. Love the pattern! Great job, Karen!

  21. The cowl looks lovely. And no, I'm not even close to ready for Christmas!!! x


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