This weekend contained:

-me ignoring clutter.
-me caving in to peer pressure and making this Peppermint Bark.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I am unable to eat it because of all the dairy in it.  I tried and felt awful.  Lactaid pills are only so magical for me.  The family LOVES it.
-making potato and leek soup that was super yummy! (with homemade bread)
-knitting while the kids are playing video games.
-doing way more laundry than I usually do.
-trying to come up with my menu plans, I was getting very comfortable cooking for two.
Joining Amanda at the habit of being


  1. I just arranged everything so I can start my baking. I had planned to start baking today,but after some very heavy cleaning it may have to wait until tomorrow..I'm tired.
    I know you are enjoying having your family all together and I get the cooking thing. It has just been Mike and I all weekend and tonight I will have all the kid's here for dinner,ahem!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! So full of YUM.

  3. I still have not tasted mine either...though I may do so today as my tummy is finally over the flu.
    Love to you and yours this holiday!

  4. Yum! I love peppermint bark. And potato leak soup. Your weekend sounds very similar to mine.

  5. I think I'll be making your peppermint bark recipe next time--it looks much better than mine! YUM...!!

  6. hi karen! it's so good to be back (blogging and home). i love your purple cowl, it looks great on you. and the kids are home!! mine will be here too!!! and oh how i love peppermint bark. you made that?! oh my gosh, i've never tried. i think i have to now.

  7. pass the bark please!!! you'll need to find a vegan recipe for yourself to get through those mounds of laundry. i do believe chocolate helps... : )

  8. Yum! Sometimes we need to ignore a little clutter to get to the really important stuff.

  9. That peppermint bark looks delicious! That's definitely on my list for next year.

  10. Your peppermint bark looks delicious!! I can't do dairy either and I take it as it's actually a good thing this time of year.haha!

    Oh, and HERE's to ignoring the clutter!!! :) Hope you have a Magical week! I hope you share you menu plans.....I have so many family members to cook for and I need ideas. ~ Barefoot Mama

  11. mmmm... peppermint bark! I have yet to attempt candy at Christmas time. Maybe next year? Enjoy having your kids at home! Happy Christmas!

  12. We had potato leek last week. It is my oldest son's favorite. YUM! I plan on making some peppermint bark this week. I just need to finish the last sweater gift.

  13. Your peppermint bark looks lovely. I just made a second batch! Unfortunately we don't have pretty red and white candy, only brown and gold stripe - we're going for an elegant look. :)
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  14. mmm...peppermint bark! and yes, lots of knitting going on around here too. i am soooo close to being finished with the christmas knitting, once that is done, baby is welcome to come ;-)


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