This weekend I realized that I do not kill all plants.  My amaryllis that fell over from over watering survived its extreme conditions and blossomed.   This poor poor plant fell over again from being so top heavy and yet keeps on blooming.  Mind you it is propped up in the corner of my kitchen window sill, balancing gently on the sink edge.

We went into town to the used cd/dvd/gaming store to shop on Saturday.  We saw some very interesting graffiti on an alley wall.  The artist aimed to write "gangsta" but instead penned "gangtsa" ......so sad.....Why oh why did I leave my camera??

Also yesterday was Chinese food (and today!)......so so good!

I started a new project yesterday.  I also made a big mistake.  I am pretty good at dropping the stitches and working them back up.  Not this one.  I had to unknit about four rows....grrrr.....I was quite disappointed in my skills at that moment.  However it's fixed and I'm over it.

Today was filled with: quiet morning with lots of coffee, reading the Sunday paper and pulling the puzzles aside, and best of all knitting with friends.  I had a huge chocolate chip cookie too.

How was your weekend?

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  1. WOW--chocolate, knitting, friends, puzzles, Chinese, AND a blooming (gorgeous!) flower. I don't think you could possibly do better than that!!! What was the new project????? Can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Oh yes, do tell, what is your new project? Knowing you it is just lovely!
    What a shame that a graffiti artist can't spell, tsk, tsk tsk! Maybe he should look for a new line of work!

  3. Sounds like a good weekend Karen. I have to make some chocolate chip cookies; been definitely having a crave for one (or two!). Chinese sounds great! Sorry to hear about the knitting booboo - at least you were able to get back to the dropped stitch!

  4. Chocolate chip cookie and knitting with friends tops my list. I was hoping you had no more coughing and sneezing today. ;)

    That is a beautiful color amaryllis. blessings ~ tanna

  5. Not that I agree with defacing property that doesn't belong to you(aka most graffiti), but at least the 'artist' could have checked his spelling. :) (My pet peeve is grammar woes - using fewer/less is a big problem and all those apostrophes in the words that don't need it - my mother was an English teacher!) I agree with others...knitting and chocolate chip goodies make for a good weekend. Glad you fixed those booboos.

  6. OH! I hate when I have to knit back, but I seem to be getting pretty good at it...which means I make LOTS of mistakes :) Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  7. Goodness, do I hate unknitting, but 4 rows isn't so bad, I guess (as long as you didn't have hundreds of stitches per row!). The flower is amazing...wish my thumb was green.

  8. Hee hee misspelled graffiti. . . . Your weekend sounds perfect. Congrats on making that plant thrive. I think someone said you can store them and replant them in fall again after they're bloomed out.
    Good luck with your knitting. Oh and I have been meaning to thank you for the new sign-in box. I never could figure out that openID.
    Oh and did I ever get you those mardi gras recipes? I just cannot remember.


  9. twice while knitting this shawl i have dropped stitches and had to tink back a few rows to make the fix. thinking it's a combo of the silk in the yarn + my addis + trying to nurse a babe while knitting.

  10. I hate not having my camera for those opportune shots!

  11. BEAUTIFUL flower!!!! It sounds like a heavenly weekend. I love weekends like that....makes the week start off so much better!

  12. Lol at the graffiti artist - poor soul. Sounds like a great weekend, despite the dropped stitches. I found one when I was grafting the underarms on my wee cardigan :(

  13. Oh, I am so envious of your amaryllis. Mine never grew. Just last weekend I finally pulled out the bulb, and it was rotten :-( Oh, well--there's always next winter :-)

    Your weekend sounds like it was filled with goodness.

  14. I've been saving this post as "unread" on my feed reader for a week now, waiting until I had time to comment on how lovely those blooms are! My amarylis did not fare so well this year, but yours is simply gorgeous! (Also, I can't believe it took me so long to find the time to get back here & comment…) xo


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