This weekend contained:

-dinner out for a celebration
-a birthday-my husband's- with a chocolate cake topped chocolate icing.
-accidentally icing the cake too early---oops!
-fixing the cake to the best of my ability--hence the coconut sprinkled to cover up the mess :)
-our daughter arriving home for a week
-lazy daisy days with walks and knitting and relaxing
-finishing a knitting project
-starting a knitting project
-wearing regular shoes instead of winter shoes---it's getting warmer!

joining Amanda


  1. The coconut and chocolate combination looks just scrumy. It looks quite purposeful. I'm sure it tasted great. I hope you have a beautiful week ahead with your daughter at home. Take precious care Karen. Love Katie xxx

    Here is a little of mine;


  2. Happy birthday to your husband! I think the cake you made looks just yummy and now I think I need to bake one or else I'll think about it for days!
    I hope you are having the best time with your daughter and you both get a lunch out!
    Happy knitting.
    PS- I am on the ribbing of Abigail!

  3. im going to make brownies now.

  4. ... a wonderful, wonderful kind of weekend!

  5. happy birthday!!! to your hubby! you just saved me a gazillion calories (I don't do coconut!)--wait, I bet I could scrape off those few flakes. Yep--yummy!!! have a super week with your daughter!!!! fun girl-time!

  6. mmm, the cake deffinately looks still good. Very good... (she types before going to raid her cupboard for something chocolatey:)

  7. NO kidding, when my husband saw the chocolate cake photo in your post, he went to the store and bought some.........I think he may not be buying into "no-spend" month, LOL! Blessings, Tami

  8. happy birthday to your husband! the cake looks yum! the coconut was a good idea. have a wonderful time with your daughter!

  9. 'Fixing' chocolate with coconut should be intentional. It looks wonderful! Congratulations on the spring shoes. We're not there... yet.

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. Yum! I've done that before, but I've found, the worse my cakes look, the better they taste. Hope your hubby had a wonderful birthday and you both are enjoying time with your daughter :)

  11. The cake looks delicious! I'm sure it tasted great, too, no matter how it looked. And coconut can fix just about anything.

  12. Great job with the cake. It looks delicious and I don't even eat chocolate cake, but I do like to look at it the same way I like to look at ice cream sundaes. They look tasty but there's too much mixed in stuff. I know I am weird. Your weekend sounds fab!

  13. that cake looks so good!! have a great week and a lovely time with your daughter!!

  14. Is that coconut? Hello!! Looks delicious:)
    Glad to hear that you had a relaxing weekend too. I wish I could break out some spring shoes!

  15. Coconut makes everything better! Happy birthday to your hubby!

  16. But some 'messes' taste the best!

  17. happy birthday to your husband... the cake looks yummy, and that's all that matters to me!

  18. this hurts my fasting soul.... :)


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