This weekend was filled with:

-shopping again for the other child
-daily walks on the dirt road, enjoying the signs of spring
-making lists for me
-making lists for my son-"stuff" he needs to get done once back on campus
-bringing out my spring decorations.  (love my mom's salt and pepper chick set!)
-a new banner because Laura Emily mentioned it would indicate spring :)
-saying goodbye to two back to back spring breaks. I had fun but let's bring one the mundane
-almost finishing my book
-windows opened and fresh air pouring in

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. Cute salt and pepper shakers! My sinuses are telling me that spring is here!

  2. Really like the new banner!!! And those salt and peppers are adorable!!!! Spring really is here, isn't it??????

  3. we went from coolish to hot...no wiggle room in between for opening windows. boo.

    and i do love the new spring banner and those s+p shakers. too cute!

  4. Cute shakers! I guess it is time to welcome spring *digs feet in*! ;)

  5. I like the new banner. I changed mine a few weeks ago. In the desert if you blink, you will miss spring. The seasonal changes are oh so subtle.

  6. The shakers are just perfect for spring Karen!
    We have been having some terrible storms here in
    the afternoon so I have been walking in the mud!
    At least they are cooling down this hot temps.
    Love the new banner, it's very pretty.

  7. I love your new banner. And I love those darling little chicks! Sounds like a lovely weekend. xo

  8. Love the new banner :) And the weekend of list making sounds very like me - I love making lists!

  9. Oh I love the new banner!! So pretty. The little chicks are adorable.

  10. Those shakers are adorable. You can't help but be ready for spring with those on the table.

  11. Haha, those s&p shakers are so sweet!
    I really like your new banner too!

  12. ooh, these chicks are so cute. I really need to get some more spring decorations out!


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