My weekend contained:

-a visit to the local library
-mailing this sweater, yep got the address from my husband this week!
-watching two star trek episodes with my favorite trekkie.  (He knows every episode and he gives a pretty good synopsis of each-quite humorous!)
-getting ready for next weekend's festivities
-the possibility of decreasing my medicines for my rheumatoid arthritis (dr. approved)
-facing unwanted symptoms after only ONE day of decreasing meds......SIGH.
-eating CHOCOLATE (can anyone eat too much?)
-oh and the evil donuts.....
-chatting with both kids and enjoying their slice of life where they are
-sleeping really really good last night!  That hardly ever happens :)

How was your weekend?

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  1. Such a full weekend - and never complete without chocolate. :)
    Sorry to hear about the side effects of decreasing your medication. Glad to hear you caught a good night's sleep. I'm living vicariously through others on that front these days. ;)

  2. Oh, I hope you can work through the side effects.....more chocolate perhaps :) You seem to have had a lovely weekend and lucky baby receiving such a wonderful gift. x

  3. Karen, I didn't know you were an RA suffer. I am sorry the decrease in meds didn't work....eat more chocolate and donuts! :)
    My mother always watched Star Trek[ the original series] when we were growing up, my fav episode is the The Trouble with Trebels.
    I am glad to hear you had a good night sleep, what did you do? I really don't think I remember what that's like!

  4. Glad you got a good sleep -- doesn't that help a lot?

    You can never eat enough chocolate, IMO. Maybe it'll help with those symptoms.

  5. Sounds wonderful! So happy for your sweet sleep. I hope it continues for all of the days of your lovely life. Love Katie x

  6. so sorry about the decrease in meds not working out.....the blessing is that the meds actually are working, though!

    love the little sweater...so cute!
    must look for the local viewing of the star trek...hubby can talk along with the characters on several episodes. We're fans, too!!!

  7. A good sleep always makes the upcoming week easier to face...I miss good sleep. Love me some Star Trek...which episodes? Hope everything works out with your medicine.

  8. Ohhh have more chocolate! That may help :-) At least you were able to get a good nights sleep! I hope you have a great week! :-)

  9. Sorry to hear about your medication trouble - I hope that will work out!
    On the upside, chocolate and sleep are two of my favourite things! Have a wonderful week ahead..

  10. oh yes, crazy good sleep this weekend here too and i'm not quite sure what to do with a rested me ;-)

    sorry to hear about probs with your ra meds...hope you get them sorted out soon!

  11. eating a little chocolate myself. ;) sorry about your medication problems and i hope they can come up with a successful option for you. a good night's sleep can make everything at least more bearable. blessings ~ tanna

  12. No, I don't believe there is such a thing as "too much" chocolate. The dark chocolate with pieces of crystallized ginger from Chocolove is my absolute favorite. :)

  13. Chocolate and doughnuts can never be evil! ;)

    Sorry to hear your medication reduction had unsavory side effects.. perhaps it is just a temporary setback?


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