A Weekend Visiting

My weekend was full, full of goodness and traveling.  My husband and I left yesterday morning to first visit our daughter at her campus.  We took her out for a pre-birthday lunch (birthday is officially tomorrow) followed by some window shopping.  I did not buy one thing, imagine that.  I'm sure you have deduced that there wasn't a yarn store :)

After that venture, we drove to our son's campus.  Right off I have to say he and his roommate cleaned their room and bathroom.....spotless!  I sat and solved word puzzles while my husband and son worked on a computer math program (budding collaboration)....I heard the word derivative about a bazillion times.....boring.

Oh, I managed to knit half a sock in the car!  I feel so accomplished.

Anyways, after the computer math program chat, we all went to a student awards ceremony.  The dinner was really nice and the guest speaker moved me with her personal story of destiny and facing changes in life (I'm not very good at change).  It was a lovely evening and I enjoyed seeing all these future budding graduates to be recognized for their academic efforts.

Once it was over, we drove all the way home.  Today is a lazy day with yawning and sitting around, but it's completely different than sitting in car. How is that?  The rain has arrived and I think I heard the word s-n-o-w in the forecast.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Karen, I just knew we had a lot in common...My daughter's birthday is tomorrow too!
    Snow? OH Dear!

  2. It sounds like a great weekend! Even the riding in the car. I used to be able to read or knit or do pretty much anything in the car. Ever since I had Ree though my equilibrium has been knocked off kilter because I am only able to sit and look out the windows unless I want to get car sick :-/

  3. I always love what awaits at the end of a car trip, and it sounds like your campus trips were fantastic. Nice job on the sock - why is it so hard for me to knit two? I have half-finished pairs everywhere...

  4. Sounds like it was a great time :)
    A lot of places around us are calling for snow too, just not where we are. We're lucky (?) that the weather here is more mild than where I grew up - about 6 hours south-east of here!

  5. Yes, we're cooler, too, but SNOW??? Oh, my, aren't we mixed up this year???

    Isn't car knitting the best--I feel like I'm so multitasking (no!! I'm not driving AND knitting--riding and knitting!) My car knitting this L-O-N-G weekend was socks, too. Check that one off the list!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend visiting your children, and getting a bit of knitting done on the way - one reason to like long car journeys.

  7. What a lovely weekend! I'm so glad you got to visit with your children.

    There has been some speculation about snow in the mountains. It's just been cold and wet here.

  8. Half a sock in the car- you are a speedy knitter! Your weekend sounds wonderful visting your kids...sorry about the snow, we are finally getting some SUN!

  9. Sounds fabulous. I'm always so in awe of your visits to college kids...It seems so far away and yet I know it will happen before I know it.

  10. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Your weekend sounds wonderful! Wow, snow?! We got rain and lots of it. I am grateful, but I think we still need more. Glad you has such an awesome time with your fam!

  11. snow? really? i've seen a few photos of snow days on instagram this morning but wow! snow. crazy weather.

    sounds like a lovely weekend, spending time with both your daughter and son, knitting. great combo.

    and happy birthday to your daughter and of course happy birth day to you too :)

  12. Oh I have been watching the weather closely since yesterday afternoon. Did you get any of the snow??

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

  13. you are so lucky your son and daughter are within driving distance. i did some window shopping too over the weekend, but had it been a yarn store... :)

  14. I so envy folk who can knit in the car! You did take me back here though ... my son once admitted that while at uni he only cleaned his digs when we were visiting ... so that would be maybe six times a year then!

  15. I can't imagine having two off at college. glad they are both within driving distance, i would feel better that way.

    math-blech and i hate change too!

    glad you had a nice weekend.

    and no more snow! winter had it's chance.

  16. Lovely photo! Breathtaking! It sounds like you had a great time visiting your chlldren...so fun to see them in their new environment!


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