This is not my front door, in case you were wondering.  On Saturday we went to a craft fair in town.  Since everyone and their mother was there as well, we had to park three blocks away from the event.  Funny, we have lived here for almost 18 years and it was the first time we walked on this street.  When you drive everywhere, I think you sort of miss seeing what is around you.

My husband insisted that no one lived in this house.  It's in pretty bad shape.  I thought maybe someone did.  There was garbage outside, hence a sign of life.  I really got him though.  I asked "how do you explain the old lady in the window looking at us?"......it creeped him out (and me too).  I made the old lady up, I'm not making up the creepiness of the house.

I digress.  My weekend was fabulous!  I wanted lotion bars and I found lotion bars at the craft fair.  Locally made!  We ran into many friends and chatted.  The weather was beautiful and the rain never materialized.

We had pizza and donuts (I know, it's not healthy) for dinner and watched two episodes of Star Trek.  Hilarious and fun!!  Giving him a Star Trek DVD collection for Christmas is a gift that gives all year round.

There was: knitting, knitting with friends, wrapping a knitted gift, and too much time on ravelry looking at patterns.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I know what you mean about not seeing what's around you when you 'see' it all the time. I love to show visitors around and see my town through their eyes.
    I love, love that door. Is the rest of the house in as bas a shape? Makes me sad when older homes aren't kept up, they really don't make them like that anymore.
    So, what are you knitting? :)

  2. I could move in to that house right now- gosh the hinges on the door are fabulous. I love old homes. Your weekend sounds so fun... craft fairs, pizza, donuts and knitting- I'm in.

    We painted Base Camp Cafe interior- and I finished a cardi :)

  3. such beautiful details on that door--- I hope someone rescues it!

    Great weekend! Donuts for dinner! Whoohooo!!!

  4. It may be creepy, but I love what I see of the house from this picture. :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I love walking...you see so much you miss driving. We went for a walk around our neighborhood last week. I noticed so much more detail then I've ever seen. And I've been driving these streets for 6 months now. I love seeing all the old houses too. Makes me sad to see them in disrepair though. Just thinking that at one time someone loved it enough to live there, and love there, and take care of it and now it's not loved. I spent quite a bit of time on ravelry this weekend as well!!

  6. i love this door!!! i'm such a sucker for old houses and old doors.

    your old lady in the window comment LOVE IT!!!!

    donuts and star trek? come on, now that's a weekend.

  7. Not nearly as much fun as yours!! LOL! And, I love the "creepy" old house. Makes me sad that it is being neglected. That hardware!! Oh, my. Someone needs to restore her to her glory. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  8. That sounds delightful! You're right about when you drive everywhere -- I wish we didn't have to drive so much but our city is so spread out and the public transportation is so bad, lol.

  9. I was thinking how beautiful the picture was until you creeped me out!!

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. Aw I hope someone lives there. I hate seeing beautiful old abandoned houses. The creepy old lady was probably just watching tv or blogging or something ;-)

  11. I love the door! LOVE! So glad you found what you were looking for at the flea market. The yarn in Monday's post is lovely! Congrats!

  12. I love that old door. I bet it's a really cool house. It's sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  13. love the door! and love your making up the old lady in the window!!! my kids would've freaked out :)

  14. where we used to live there was a house that looked like what that one probably looks like in full.
    two people lived in it, a man and a woman we called "the scary people."
    everything was so ramshackle and we just had to wonder about the lives of those people--it all looked like it was part of a movie set.


  15. Beautiful old door, creepy old lady story. I would have been freaked out too!

  16. Love the creepy door AND old episodes of star trek!

  17. Your weekend sounds fabulous! I really like that creepy house. Nothing better than knitted gifts, lotion bars and gifts that keep on giving!

  18. It looks a little like my front door :) your weekend sounds lovely and handmade gifts are always nice. It's our may day fair today but I can't face the parking and the crowds with two kids!

  19. Sounds like a great weekend. Love all that knitting :)

  20. I love that door and all the possibilities of who may live there!

    What a nice weekend. :)


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