Scenic Overlook and a Winner

Yesterday's post did not say where the photo was.......oops!  So I thought I would share the rest of the photos.  We stopped at this PA welcome center on the way home and took photos of the scenic overlook!  We have driven past this center countless of times, never stopping.  I am so glad that we did because the view was amazing.

One thing I love about Pennsylvania is the mountains (or hills), trees, and many rivers and streams.  This view would be even better in the fall.

I am sure you are wondering who the winner is of the stitch markers..well I am happy to announce that the winner through a random number generator is:

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow who said:
"Oh, drats... I was so hoping for those bananas!! hee hee. The stitch markers your sister made are beautiful!! And I LOVE your new header!!! That shawl is simply drool-worthy. beautiful!!! blessings ~ tanna"

Congratulations Tanna, please email me your address and I'll ship them out this week :)


  1. So pretty! and long road trip! Glad you had a good time, though (in spite of the warm conditions!) I am right there with you on the COLD A/C!
    Have a good week!

  2. Sometimes stop pig at those spots brings such unexpected surprises. It is beautiful now and will be even more so in the fall (IMO)

    1. stop pig should be stopping - autocorrect fail

  3. What a beautiful state you call home Karen. I hope you can visit that spot again in the fall and take a photo, it is a stunning view.
    Congratulations to Tanna on winning the stitch markers.

  4. Gorgeous view, indeed! What a great reward for finally making the stop. :)

  5. Lovely pictures. Sounds like you had a nice weekend! Always so great to run into an old friend and find out that they are still a friend.

  6. WOOO HOOO!! I am so excited!! Melissa, on Ravelry sent a message that I was the lucky one and I had to dash off Ravelry to blogland to see! Thank you so much, Karen. I will treasure these and think of you fondly when I knit (which you know is frequently!). blessings and thank you. tanna

  7. What a lovely view. I have driven through Pennsylvania many times on our way to Myrtle Beach, it is a lovely drive. Next time I will have to stop and take in some of those views.

  8. That is a beautiful view! Great hat you stopped!

  9. i love green places like this. it would be nice to have streams and rivers in abundance. desert living is draining.

  10. after having just spent a week in new england, i'm reminded once again of how much i love those mountains and rolling hills and green and cool.....
    such a lovely view you had.....

    and congrats to Tanna!!!

  11. Been there. I have strong family lineage in PA. Love it there. You sure have captured a lovely view.

  12. What a beautiful sight to take in!! So glad you were able to stop there and enjoy the view.

    Congrats Tanna!

  13. I love PA. It's just north of us and I keep threatening to move up there after the girls get older. Little cabin in the woods and all. Lovely view!

  14. Beautiful pics. Congrats to Tanna!


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