This was a glorious weekend.  Bright beautiful sunny skies but chilly!  I ran around the house and opened windows to move the air about.  Then ran around again to shut the whole house up again.  Today promises to be an opened window day as well.

I decided to update my little blog with a new banner.  On my "about me" page is a photo of me while at the beach---I KNOW!  I do not look like Frodo as some of you might believe.  This photo is one of my famous "I'll take it myself" shots.  I am really really getting good at those :)  I find that my blog shyness is slowly ebbing away, hence the photo.

Friday, my daughter and I picked up my dear elderly friend who was our old religious director many years ago and we headed off to the "religious" store.  (Roman Catholic supply store)  I had a great time browsing around and managed to make a couple of items.  My dear friend only goes to this store when I do since it is a 45 minute drive one way.  I loved being able to do something nice for her.

Yesterday was a really nice relaxing out of this world day for me.  I sat and listened to podcasts and knitted my little heart out.  I tried knitting outside but I was too cold?!?!  While I was knitting I was thinking of the next projects...I really want to make another Citron, and another, and another.  We will see if I'll really do it.  When I wasn't knitting, I was reading.  Everyone had a book and it was quiet.

Now it's not always quiet....my son decided to play the classic Nitendo 64 Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask.....that can be a little loud.  I remember that we bought the game used for his birthday....(he was 7 or 8).  So as you can imagine, I frequently have Zelda songs stuck in my head.

My husband returned from a two day conference and my fingers are crossed that our vegetable garden gets planted today.  He does all the labor, we all reap the rewards.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a wonderful weekend! It's been sweatshirt weather here, too. I am well acquainted with that "open the house, shut the house" game this time of year. Hope it warms up soon! Love the header...

  2. It started out as a beautiful day yesterday. Open all the doors and windows. By 2pm the wind was blowing so hard and the rain was coming sideways! Move the party inside. I never complain about rain here in Colorado when it has been such a dry year.
    Every time I come to your blog and see that beautiful citron, I'm going to be reminded that I NEED one!

  3. I noticed the new banner immediately! Love that shawl. Is Citron really that fun? I have some yarn from Twist and Twine that I may use for it. Love the photo of you. My husband always laughs at my self portraits.

  4. Karen, I love the redo of you space, it looks so nice and pretty! And your photo? Wow, you are so beautiful! If you changed roosters to pigs and lace knitting to just knitting, that could be my list too. We really do have a lot in common.

  5. I have to go back & read the rest of this post - I got hung up on the fact that there is a photo of you on your "about me" page & had to go look. You're adorable! :) xo

  6. Holy Horse, Karen!

    You don't look old enough to have one child in college let alone two!

  7. Hello lovely lady. Nice to see you! Sounds like a nice weekend even if a little cold. I have all the computer games to come, I'm sure but for now it's school songs going round in my head. Have a lovely week :)

  8. Your new header is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I am glad you had such a lovely weekend with plenty of time to knit. Don't you just love it when you have all these knitting projects flying around your head? I hope you got your vegetable patch seen to :-)


  9. wow - that shawl in the header came out BEAUTIFUL!! (and you look nothing like I imagined - though I don't think I was imagining Frodo ;-)

  10. I love your self-photo! :)

  11. LOVE the updates to your pages ~ so nice to 'see' you with (and yes, far too young for children in university!) and your banner is lovely ~ makes me feel relaxed and cozy and inspired all at once. Just lovely!

  12. The new header is gorgeous!!! The shawl is stunning. I love your updates to your about me page. I enjoy putting a face with the name! I hope your vegetable garden got put in! We had tons & tons of rain here this weekend!

  13. I love open window days...I hope today proved to be one too...

    I love the new banner...I still can't put any images on mine only in my posts until I purchase some more space then I can put an photo on my comments too. I must get organised!

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing weekend...hope the veg patch gets planted...


  14. Beautiful new banner!! Just gorgeous! My boys got that Zelda game in a bundle with their first GameBoy.... I can hear the music clear as day right now! Too funny. That and Tetris were always stuck in my head. Have a lovely week!

  15. That does sound like a wonderful weekend...so glad your shyness is going away...You are a lovely lady! Your new banner photo is great!

  16. hi you! i love seeing you and am surprised to see you have long hair (my mental pic was a short haired you). and i LOVE your new banner!

    fingers crossed for veggie planting!

  17. Hannah @ farnorthfamily5June 4, 2012 at 1:21 PM

    I love the new banner, what great color! And I can relate to the Zelda tunes also - that game was a favorite in my house too - my brothers would play for hours...

  18. your weekend sounds fantastic...knitting, reading, podcasts, open windows...even the sounds of nintendo.
    all delightful :)


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