My weekend was filled with:

-8 hour car ride to and from my husband's family in London, Ontario, Canada.
-leisurely hanging out at the bookstore, frantically using the wifi, and inhaling the smell of coffee and book print, two of my favorite scents!  (someone should make a candle scent!)
-being very hot!  (I keep my AC colder than they do--boo hoo)
-seeing nieces and a nephew and just being amazed at how old they look
-being amazed at how old that makes me
-lots of car knitting on the way up
-no car knitting coming home-it was too hot
-my husband running into a high school friend and his wife-an instant friendship was forged in 20 minutes and I'm sure that we will be seeing them again in the future, how cool is that?

how was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. i love running into good old friends. it's like there was no time lapse. gosh, what a beautiful place you were at. i'd love to have a candle with that scent too! boo for the no car knitting on the way back.

  2. Oh yes! I adore the smell of coffee and books! Bookshops and coffee shops are like an addiction for me. I just had to come over and take another look at that header of yours.


  3. What a lovely weekend! Sorry you were hot... But YAY! for an instant friendship bond! Have a great week!

  4. Beautiful photo~ looks like the scenery was was nice on your trip! I agree with the candle scent.. completely! Glad you had a good visit with family.

  5. A candle scent of coffee & printed books - I love it!
    That's such a familiar scenario to me: hanging out at a bookstore and frantically using the wifi before the one hour window runs out!
    Ronnie xo

  6. That's a beautiful picture. Sounds like a lovely time. I totally need to get to a bookstore sans kids for a leisurely time :-)

  7. sweet. I love them all!
    I know, feeling yarn on hands and legs in the extreme heat really is yucky.
    And that is what I tell myself when I wonder why I'm still working on the same shawl I started several months ago. ; )
    Instant connect with new friends is always good!

  8. Karen, you are so right about that candle scent, I'm suprised no one has marketed it before. Maybe you could contact someone about that?
    I know I would buy dozens.
    I do love how things align and friendships are formed, it makes the world so much nicer.
    Have a great Monday.

  9. Sounds like a very full wonderful weekend! You are too funny with your candle scent! Ha! I love those smells, you might need to contact someone ;) And yay for new friendship! Have a joyful week!

  10. Much quieter than yours, thank you. The scenery on your weekend trip was breathtaking!! blessings ~ tanna

  11. oh car knitting can be so productive sometimes. Glad you got to see family and make new friends- all around good trip.

  12. That is a beautiful picture. That sounds like quite the road trip. Much fun!

  13. What a great weekend! If you ever find that book print/coffee candle, let me know so I can pick one up too. :)

  14. sounds like a fantabulous weekend!

    and the ac. when we visited the grandparents a few weeks back i thought i would die. having a baby on me constantly and nursing means i tend to be a bit hotter but they kept it at 77 and i died. i feel your pain.

  15. Oh gotta have a/c! Awesome that you struck up a wonderful friendship, it sounds like you had a marvelous weekend!

  16. what a sweet weekend!
    and there IS a candle of book scents you know, lol, i blogged about them in my culture blog sometime ago. think it's the smell of libraries... a scent i love too! :)

  17. coffee and book print candle scent... now that is interesting. love that combination too.
    and new friendship- what could be better?

  18. Ugh...8 hours?!?! I'd probably go batty. It does sound like a lovely trip though. Love your idea for the candle scent.


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