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I am smack dab in the middle of the summer break with the kids home.  Our daughter returns to her apartment in five weeks to prepare for her second year of law school.  Our son returns to his second year of undergraduate studies at the end of August.  It's fun having them home and I think I'm used to cooking for four people.  Oh how I long to cook for two people-so much easier and cheaper!  My husband and I could eat the same meal every day :)

I was thinking what of what I would like to accomplish by the time school starts.  I love lists and I love goals so here it is:

-finish my featherweight cardigan (that is going to happen soon)
-finish knitting my hat and socks
-start another sweater
-come up with a getaway for the two of us to celebrate 25 years of marriage
-map out all the fiber festivals and TRY to attend Rhinebeck Oh the fiber!
-maybe combine the getaway with a fiber festival???  Hmmmm.
-get back to eating foods that are good for me
-quit eating so much sugar. Seriously.
-find another pair of sandals that are as good as the pair worn in the photo (I love them!)
-outlet shopping with my daughter for some tees and camis and whatever strikes my fancy
-make a Christmas list and compile a knit worthy list

Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. oh, how i love lists!
    and i'm with you on less sugar. seriously ;)

  2. I have drastically reduced sugar in my diet in the last month, and am feeling great for it. My tea tastes horrible however :(

  3. I need to fix my diet too. It's crazy, I know what to do, I just don't do it.
    Enjoy your time with your kids!!!

  4. I am a huge list lover myself and yours looks like a great one. When is your anniversary? My 30th is in August...I still can't believe we have been married that long! Didn't we all just get married? Mapping out fiber festivals sounds like so much fun and I hope you take your camera so we can all go along too!

  5. My mom would swear that I made lists of what lists to make :) I love lists. And I love crossing things off them.
    I need to seriously cut back the sugar too - I know how much better I feel, my skin is, it is for health... but it just tastes so good ;-) I have a really bad sweet tooth.
    And I can't wait to see your cardi :)

  6. love lists!! yours is fab----(a lot of knitting!!! mine always includes a lot of knitting, too!!!!!)
    when I get HOME (sweet home---soon!!!) I think lists and nesting things are going to be high on my to-dos. Happy weekend!

  7. Love lists!!!! And wow, 25 years, that is awesome, hope you find a great getaway to celebrate.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I think there's several threads running through that list...family, food and fiber. Oh wouldn't Rhinebeck be nice? My mom and I have talked about getting there together one of these years. And I love those huarache type sandals. I was actually going to ask what brand/where you bought them.

    Have a great weekend, Karen.

  9. What a great list! Hope you find the perfect destination to celebrate 25 years. Hope you get to finish your cardi. I am still plugging along with my Tea Leaves! Happy weekend. Jacinta

  10. I am down to cooking for two people this month as my girls are at camp, and I see what you mean...although, it tends to limit my creativity...I think why cook that...there is no-one to eat it!

  11. ha! your picture just reminded me i had planned on painting my nails this morning and i forgot all about it! thanks for the reminder!! ;)

    i like the list you've got... we've tried cutting down on sugar and think we have been much better. it wasn't a drastic change but a slow one of being more aware of how much we take in and thinking twice if it's necessary to take any more (as in spoons in the coffee and that second piece of cake etc.)

  12. I love lists. I used to make them all the time. Reading yours has made me start to write them out again! There's something so satisfying about having them written out and then when you do the things to see them crossed off! What journals do you use? Just pretty one's you pick up here or there? I have TONS of journals laying around here. Do you date the lists? I love your sandals too. I've been wearing flip flops all summer and my hip is complaining big time. I need to start wearing better shoes. Good luck finding a perfect getaway and happy early anniversary! :-)

  13. Love the toes and the list. I will be cooking for three soon, but one eats as much as two, so I'll be cooking for four instead of six - the joys of teenage appetites. If you ever get to NC, you need to come the last weekend in October and hit SAFF in Asheville. I'm sure it's not as large as Rhinebeck, but it's pretty dang awesome! We have a large group of ladies and rent a cabin for the weekend. Great fun. Congrats on 25 years - Awesome accomplishment!

  14. there's a fiber festival?? For reals? Holy hannah that sounds amazing!
    Congrats to you and your husband on your 25th!

  15. Loving your list-I need to knit more and eat less sugar too. I'll just forget about the dark chocolate brownies I ate last night. :)

  16. let's try that again:

    those toes just don't look like the toes of a law student's MOM. those are the toes of a 20 year old! pretty!
    So...WHAT meal could you and hubs eat everyday?

  17. OK, jealous of your pretty toes. Need to do mine so badly but never seem to squeeze it in....it's getting embarrassing :) I'm trying to eat better, too. I've got to get rid of my habit of a little something sweet after every meal!

  18. Very festive toes for the 4th! I always wonder what it will be like only cooking for 2 someday. My boys are eating me out of house and home these days. Hope you get to check off your list slowly but surely! Happy weekend!

  19. You'll have to post all about the fiber fests you do attend. So that the rest of us can be horridly jealous. (:

  20. I love your blue toes! I just cast on for a shawl..Yay! Have a blessed day, Tami

  21. I like the idea of combining and going to a fiber festival while on an anniversary trip. I drug my hubby throught a yarn store on our first anniversary to to the Wilamette Valley outside of Portland. He was a good sport and thought he get a pair of socks out of the deal. I'm a rhird of the way through the second sock. And that was three years ago.

  22. That is some badass blue nail polish you've got going there! Way to rock it!

  23. The Christmas list! Every year I swear in December that I will begin in January and don't even give it another thought until September...

    Blessings, Debbie

  24. love the toes!!!
    25 years...hoory...make it a good trip for sure.
    i am cutting back on sugar as well, the last two times i've made cookies, i've halved the sugar and they taste great...and i've given up soda.

    funny you say about how much more cooking there is with the kids home, i didn't even go to the grocery the girls were away and hardly cooked as well,it was kind of nice in that way.

  25. ummm that was supposed to say hooray. silly me.

  26. just managing to get caught up! you have been busy, karen. and, i love all that lucious yarn you have in your stash. the feather weight cardigan turned out so beautifully; i am still wanting to try one of those! congratulations on 25 years, a praiseworthy accomplishment. ;) blessings ~ tanna


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