Random Reflections

My husband spotted this praying mantis yesterday and I ran to get the camera.  I probably would have never seen it.  I took at least 10 photos and the first one was the best.  He was looking right at me for each snap! (probably a little annoyed as well)

I finished the featherweight cardigan yesterday.  I know I keep saying it is the last lace weight cardigan but I really think it is the last one. Really.

I've cut back on the sugar intake this past week and already notice a difference.  My go to sweet snacks are dried apricots-super sweet and good for you!

My condensed "makes me happy list" for this week :
-coffee in the morning, alone with my journal
-finishing a knitting project
-sauteed summer squash and snow peas :)
-the cicadas have started
-my to do pile of papers shrinking considerably

What is your "makes me happy" list?


  1. Great shot Karen. Did you know that praying matis' are a symbol of good luck?
    My happy list:
    quiet mornings
    long walks just as the sun is coming up
    the smell of the ocean
    little arms around my neck
    fresh tomato salad's
    new flip flops from Keen

  2. Yay for your finished featherweight!
    The boys love the praying mantis pic - A Bug's Life is one of our favorite movies :) I'm impressed with cutting back your sugar. I really ought to too, maybe once we get through the newborn phase...

  3. I love praying manta. We raised them one year; must do that again. I am happy I finished my sweater and the seaming looks fantastic. I am eager to start something new. I am hoping to visit the beach. I am enjoying the morning quiet. Have a great weekend.

  4. They are one of my favorites, haven't seen one yet this year or heard cicadas yet, did hear a cricket last night.

    love your happy list :-) happy weekend.

  5. I've never seen a praying mantis & don't think I would have seen him here either. He blends in so well! We've started hearing the cicadas just this week. I LOVE their sound. It means summer is REALLY here now (not that all that heat we've been having hasn't already let me know but the cicada sound is better then the high heat!)

  6. Happy list:
    - a husband who wakes me up with gentle pets (for I am not a morning person)
    - coffee. hot, black, and quiet
    - Friday night knitting (I love my boys, but those couple of hours away are pretty amazing, too)
    - sweet blog comments from lovely people
    - wool! of course
    - unprompted hugs and kisses from my boys
    - roasted potatoes with cream cheese and dill

  7. That feels so good to have your to-do list shrink! Of course, you'll have to add new things to that list...

    That praying mantis looks just like a long green bean to me! Must have veggies on my mind.

    Enjoy your weekend, Karen.

  8. a shortened happy list
    :: tea in the morning, maybe with journal
    :: camera in hand
    :: my kids + husband
    :: hiking

  9. Very cool photo! A shrinking to do list?!?! Very impressive! Mine just seems to keep growing. My happy list is one item....spending as much time this summer with my boys.

  10. Great picture! I have noticed that sugar is really affecting me lately too. I am exhausted 30 minutes after eating it. Guess my body is changing in my old age. Finishing a knitting project always makes me happy. And shrinking piles of paper - let's just say that is my daily goal at work and home!

  11. great picture!!! He sure does blend in--someone had a great eye to catch him!

    how much yardage did your featherweight actually take??? I've got about 1250 yards that I'd love to turn into one---but seriously afraid it's not quite enough---any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    on my happy list......quiet time (it's been a heck of a ride lately---and then, 3 days with an 8 yr old and 7 yr old!)
    mulling over what my next project will be
    hummingbird watching (they've FINALLY come to the feeder!)

  12. Oh how I love praying mantis, great shot!

    Congratulations on finishing your cardi, can't wait to see it :)

    My happy list...quiet mornings on the front porch, fun and games with a three year old, random kisses from said three year old and spending less time on line and more time living.

  13. thanks for sharing the photo! I haven't seen a praying manthis since I lived in Maryland when I was a kid ~ many, many years ago!

  14. how well it blends in! we've had some baby praying mantises around, i hope some of it make it to be as big as your guy.
    what makes me happy... being woken up by sunlight in the bedroom. this among many other things of course :)

  15. Your list sounds wonderful. I am helping my oldest pack today for an 11 day trip. EEK. Have a blessed day. Tami

  16. That's a really good shot,I'm glad you managed to catch him before he darted off.
    Summer squash would definitely be on my list. We used to eat it with ketchup, sauteed with onions and beef...
    Want to hear something depressing? They don't have summer squash here in Canada!! It's so sad!! I miss it terribly. I meant to grow it this year and time got away. sigh. I might have to dip down to ny to pick some up.

  17. Great post on looking for what makes us happy. I have joined you for a "what makes me happy" post. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great weekend.

  18. Love the photo. Lucky you to spot one! :)
    My list would include: eating on the patio, day of adventure with my little guy, short break between sports for the kids, sleeping in, cooler temps that have rolled in.

  19. I got bitten by one of those suckers once...
    I think I may do a what makes me happy post as well...nice idea.

  20. there is definitely a difference when i decrease my wheat and sugar. not always easy because sometimes the brownies are screaming at me but i'm getting better :)

    coffee with half and half
    kids playing quietly while baby naps means quiet time for me - yay!
    a brand new box of my fave pens
    snail mail

  21. What a great shot. They are certainly good at hiding.
    As for a happy list
    A sleep in
    A date night with hubby
    A family fun day out where everyone enjoys the outing :)


  22. what an amazing picture...wow!!
    like your happy post!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  23. Love your list. I saw your "morning coffee" and that is my favorite thing :) I recently started drinking it black to cut back on dairy and sugar. Slowly getting used to it. Love the praying mantis....I probably wouldn't have noticed it either :)

  24. what an amazing bug, nature makes me happy every day! love your list karen, it's wonderful your to do list is shrinking and your featherweight is done!

  25. Oh, I love dried apricots too! They are my go-to dessert/snack. :)


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