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Yesterday it started to rain-finally!  Ordinarily I do not like rain because it makes my hair frizz up but I will accept some rain that comes with a cold front.  Today it is supposed to be around 72 degrees-brrrr.  It might be a jean-wearing, shoes and socks kind of day.

I am happy to report that Frodo has not caught any rabbits this week.  I think they're just lucky.  They still manage to squeeze into the fenced in area and he still manages to find them.  Frodo is FAST.  I always cheer for the rabbit's escape.

Makes me happy list this week:

-thunder rumbles
-first cucumbers from the garden
-sister conversations nearly every morning this week
-crossword puzzles
-feet dangling in the pool with my family while sitting and talking
-pumpkin seeds on my salad
-my positive thinking schnauzer

What's on your list?


  1. Rain, how so very lovely. I would love to have two days of a rain gently falling right now. We are so dry and everything is just shriveling up. And the worst part, I know when the rain comes it will most likely come in downpours destroying whatever remains standing in the garden :(

    But I am happy...why, good friends with great kids, like minded mamas to share this journey with, sneaking out of bed while everyone else is asleep, enjoying cooler days and nights, fresh food from the garden, the amazing smile that graces me little mans face :)

    Have a lovely weekend

  2. The rain tops my list. It has been a bit muggy here of late. Also time in the pool and evening walks. Have a grand weekend.

  3. In the 70's?! I want to come to your house for the weekend.
    I love when it rains, but only if I can stay home.

  4. Rain! I know that is something to be thankful for and excited about. We have had a quite bit of rain here over the summer but so many others truly need the moisture. Nothing like cucumbers from the garden! And the weather, the 70's!! I would take that any day. My northerner genetics can't take this southern heat and humidity! Happy Weekend!

  5. RAIN!!!!! I think I sort of remember what that feels like.....but 70 degrees?????!!!!!!! I dream of such a wonderful temperature but honestly don't think we'll ever see it again!

  6. Rain here too!!! And cooler days. And cooler evenings to spend outside after dinner. Sleeping without the ac on. Garden that is growing beautifully. I can't wait for our harvest to start!

  7. Love that shot.
    On my list-thumbnail watercolor sketches, a painting plan, kids learning how to clean, newly painted rooms, tomato and tomatillo plants blooming, rain, and sugar cookies.

  8. we've had so much rain and its kept the temps down :-) but not quite brrrr weather lol.

  9. He certainly enjoys watching and chasing those silly rabbits. It never seems to stop raining here. But, then again, we had drought over here for so long, I'm not going to wish it away. My hair goes frizzy too with rain, it is the only time I become vain, if I have straightened my hair and I am caught in the rain! Happy weekend. Jacinta

  10. That dog of yours is so darned cute! Sorry for the bunnies, but doggies just can't help themselves sometimes:)

  11. Yea rain! We've been very lucky with rain, but everyone else...not so much. I get frizzy hair too. I'm cheering for the bunnies too. Have a great weekend!

  12. Yea, for the rabbits! LOL! Frodo is very good at his job of protecting your home though. ;) Love fresh cucumbers any way I've ever had them fixed! Hope you will share your Dad's recipe. blessings ~ tanna

  13. Oh yes... rain!! We are loving it along with cooler temps. (Your polka-dot umbrella rocks!!) Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  14. pumpkin seeds on salads! a fave here. and rain. rainy morning here and well, i'm in my element :)

  15. too cute.
    I had a westie as a little girl that would have been after the rabbits too...
    in fact, he killed a rabbit that was a pet and two pet birds as well. dang those terrier types.....they sure are cute though!

    I love that you are thankful for your sister talks... I am an only child...and I am so glad my girls have eachother.

  16. Frodo sounds like our cat Bella who has caught 1 rabbit since we moved here, a frog and lots of mice. Since we live across from a creek and lots of paddocks it seems she has a neverending supply. Even her collar with the bell on it doesnt deter her. I hope the rain cools everything down for you!


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