Sock Talk III

It's gusset time!!!  As you may recall I am making a pair of socks for my husband.  I will quickly review the numbers so far.  I cast on 68 stitches (17 stitches per needle for four needles).  Last week I made the heel flap then turned the heel.

I have fourteen stitches after turning the heel.  Knit across seven and now you have seven stitches on two needles and 17 stitches on two needles.  Here comes the fun gusset part and some magical math.  I'm sure you're wondering how many stitches to pick up across the flap edge.  Easy!  You pick up 1/4 of your cast on number.  This  number for me is 17.  Starting on needle #1-knit seven stitches from heel turning, pick up 17 stitches.  needles #2 and #3 knit across and resume sock pattern, needle #4 pick up 17 stitches and knit across seven heel turning stitches.

For the second row I knit through the back loop of all the picked up heel flap stitches to make a tighter edge-I also think it looks pretty.

Gusset shaping is more magical math.  How many stitches do I need to decrease?  Well again, easy, you want to get back to your original number of cast on stitches which for me is 68 stitches.  How fast you do your decreases is a personal preference.  I decrease at the end of needle #1 (k2 tog) and the beginning of needles #4 (SSK) every three rows.  Some people prefer every other row.  All you need to remember is what you do for the first sock so you can repeat exactly what you did on the second sock.

Happy knitting everyone!


  1. Lucky hubby!!!!!
    Way too advanced for me, but nice knitting sister! Those look so comfy!

  2. I'm an every other row kind of girl myself, but then you are a bit more patient than I am ;) They are going to be great socks!

  3. You are a sock goddess! I have to knit some socks right now. I try and learn a new knitting technique each year. Socks are my new skill for 2012. Blessings, Tami

  4. Great socks!! I am a little lost with everything you are doing, but one day I will come back to this and totally get it, I promise :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do love how you explain each step Karen, it makes sock knitting so clear.
    I hope you and your family have a great 4th tomorrow!

  6. Once again, I'm impressed with your lovely work. What a great gift for the husband!

  7. Wow, I can tell with all that texture they are going to be especially warm! I always hated math...and then I picked up knitting and thought "wow, math is actually useful for something"? Nevermind that I drive a car, walk across bridges and work in a building. But you know....perspective. Happy knitting to you too!

  8. your making me rethink my position on no more socks. it's so sweet of you to share karen, i am a topdown girl too! your socks look lovely!

  9. I really like that stitch pattern you are using Karen. They look like they are going to be lovely and warm!


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