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I thought it would be nice to show you Frodo and report on his week as well as mine.  He still is pacing the fence looking for the elusive rabbits.  Thankfully almost all of the rabbits are fully grown and cannot get into the fenced in yard (at least that is what I think?).  However I'm thinking that maybe there is a pesky snake or chipmunk that has his little nose poking in the lattice openings.  Every once in a while I see him laying down and relaxing so hunting season must be over.

I cannot wait until fall.  There I said it and I know I am pushing the season but I've had my limit of being hot.  We had cooler temps this past week briefly and it was enough for me to abandon sandals and capris.  It is jean weather now in my mind.  It helps that I have air conditioning and can hibernate while blissfully waiting for a frost.

My son has started to pack up his stuff for returning to campus.  I have slowly added to his stuff.  Every time I am in a store I pick up some kind of must have item.  A list has been started which to me is essential.  Yesterday the Nitendo 64 was packed up and put away from the family room and suddenly my shelf looked empty.  I think he is easier to move because he is in a dorm room instead of an apartment like our daughter.  But don't get me wrong he has a TON of stuff to move!

I have been very content this past week working on a cowl even though I have ripped out row upon row of possible stitch patterns because I didn't like them.  I am now knitting a simple garter stitch and rib stitch that shows off the many colors of the yarn perfectly.

Oh and I made some brownies (from an evil box mix) and they are the best brownies ever.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Frodo is looking good. And I am so right there with you on the fall thing. Like you, with the convenience of A/C I can at least pretend! It's the humidity that gets me. I'm happy to hear that the Ninetendo 64 has been packed ~ that's wicked important :) LOL So funny, isn't it? We have a few gamers here, too, so I completely 'get it'! Have a great weekend and good luck with the packing up!

  2. Frodo is so cute! Have a happy weekend sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  3. I love Frodo! Such a cute and cheeky boy. Enjoy your weekend. x

  4. Frodo is such a handsome fellow. Hunting season is over..I'm with you, I'm over the hot. I'm a fall/winter kind of gal myself...lots of knitted and crocheted woolies to wear. Good luck with the moving...I'll be thinking about you!

  5. Cooler weather and brownies?!!! Gosh Karen, rub it in!
    Hugs to you as your home becomes quiet again. Hey, at least the
    market bill will go down right? :)

  6. FALL!!!! I'm pushing the season, too-----and the temps are still in the 90s!!! (95 expected today! yikes!) It's my favorite season--and I want it------NOW. :)

    Hi, Frodo!! Freddy is on my blog today----he says "arf"!!! (I think that's doggie for happy hunting).

  7. Oh I do love your little Frodo Karen! He is So SO cute!!! I know how you feel about the approach of Autumn - I love it too! Even though we have had a very wet and cool summer here in England! I can't help but get excited when I see early changes of the season :o)

  8. We woke up to 50 degrees here so I am thinking fall is on it's way!

  9. love the report on frodo...such a handsome pup!

    right there with you on anxiously awaiting fall.

    so glad you enjoyed some brownies :)

    happy weekend to you!!!

  10. Frodo is such a handsome pooch. We were hiking today above 12,000 feet. It was cold and windy and drizzling. Such a difference from being in Denver. I'm reafy for fall too.

  11. He has a perfect profile picture!

  12. it's alternately exciting and depressing when an evil box mix turns out better than from scratch.

    love that Frodo face. he's a bad little man, isn't he?!

  13. What a sweet little Frodo! I'm ready for fall too and have been enjoying the cooler temps and breezes these past few days.


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