my stepmother grew these!

My Weekend was filled with:

-dinner out with the four of us the last time until a school break
-donuts (why oh why are they an evil but necessary food???)
-packing packing packing up my daughter
-starting my sentences with "do you have this?"  "do you want this?"
-shopping the cupboards-to stock up her apartment until she can get to the store
-changing all the bedclothes and beginning the laundry
-seeing my end table without any clutter!
-driving on Saturday to move her stuff in followed by lunch out
-seeing my knitting friends today and laughing

Live Is Good.

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. ok--soul-sister; now we're taking the same photos for the same posts!!!!!

  2. It sounds like a lovely weekend, and I love your flowers! We've spent a lot of time on the front porch today & the neighbor boys have spent a lot of it with us. (In fact, as I type my children are in bed & the neighbor boys are still on the porch playing!) xo

  3. I am so glad you got to laugh laugh this weekend, that makes it a great weekend. And if you add a donut or two then all the better. I haven't eaten a donut in forever and now I really want one!!!

  4. Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!!! Yours & Steph's pictures totally cheered me up! And now I need to go out and find some bright, beautiful flowers tomorrow to brighten up my kitchen!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend before getting your daughter back to school. Seems like yesterday when I remember going back to school after a summer at home. Sigh! I totally agree with you about the donuts by the way the flowers are gorgeous!

  6. Sounds like you had a a really full weekend! I remember those school days!

  7. I love when the tables are uncluttered...I can't see mine today! I need to do some serious sorting out!

    Hope you don't miss your daughter too much...maybe a chance to do lots more knitting?

    Have a good week.

  8. Those flowers! Oh those flowers! Beautiful photo and your weekend sounds lovely, full and refreshing! Here's to a week of the same!

  9. I had a donut too. It has been a really long time. The flowers are beautiful. What a talent.

  10. Donuts are necessary. They just are!

  11. Krispy Kremes were on our schedule this past weekend. We only get to have them once every couple of years so we indulged a bit. Isn't it strange how the older our kids get, the more we enjoy dinners with them?

  12. Sounds splendid, Karen. I have never been a doughnut lover... isn't that weird!? I will eat them, but it's not something I really care one way or the other about. I'm glad you got your daughter off safely! I hope she has a great year!

  13. i love me an uncluttered table! and doughnuts...just imagining one now :)

  14. an end table without clutter? I dare to dream! I hope your daughter enjoys her new apartment!

  15. Pretty flowers. Just looked at my end tables and they are cluttered....as usual. I remember my first apartment!

  16. evil but necessary - oh yes :)


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