My weekend was filled with:

-lots of walks and resuming the dirt road which is now "chipped and oiled" so it's not the same.
-many hours knitting my pink cardigan
-many hours of ripping out row upon row to fix a mistake-I was not in my happy place*
-finally fixing the error and knitting back up all those lost rows to return gleefully to my happy place
-watching the first Lord of the Rings movie and watching my Frodo wake up every time his name was voiced
-cooler temps leading to visions of future knitting projects, so many!!!
-starting a count down to when my son leaves next weekend
-menu planning his favorite meals

*I muttered that I wish someone would fix my mistake for me.  My husband replied "bring me the scissors"-made me laugh and made me realize that I am the most qualified to right the wrong.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Our weekend was a busy one... but fun! I love your photo of the "lambs ears" as we used to call them. They were a favorite of mine growing up. I LOL'ed at your husband's comment... Amante has said the same to me!

  2. Your husband sounds pretty funny!
    I am glad you found your happy place again Karen and I have been meaning to tell you thank you for the lovely email, it was so very kind of you. I am in a much better place too so the world seems bright.
    Does chipped and oiled mean they paved your road? I wish mine was paved, but unless I do it it's not going to happen. Since pavement is out of my price range I am going to live with dirt!

  3. Haha, my hubby tried to fix one of my mistakes before...I ended up ripping it all out and starting again. Enjoy this week with your son.

  4. LOL! Jess would have come to help you with your knitting. ;) Sorry to hear you had to rip; it's just so frustrating when it happens!

    I am loving the cooler temps. It's amazing how quickly it changed! I won't be complaining. It's getting me out and walking more. :)

  5. I hate the chipping and oiling. It makes a big mess. I hate ripping and look forward to the point where I knit with smooth yarn again. Are you there yet? A friend is coping with sending her oldest off to college for the first time. I am sure the goodbyes never get any easier.

  6. Haha, well that's one way to fix a knitting mistake...I'm glad you took the long, but tidier road. ;)
    And I laughed out loud imagining sweet Frodo popping up at his name!

  7. "Bring me the scissors" Ha! Glad YOU were the one to fix it! My fixes usually require a lot of seam ripping and I loath it! Is that a picture of Lambs Ear? The name escapes me but I think it is. Enjoy the last days with your son! What a sweet momma you are to cook him all his favorite meals :)

  8. I had to take out a row of my afghan and fix a mistake too. My husband kept referring to my crocheting project as "my knitting." Really??? Oh well, sounds like your hubby is much the same. Sounds like a nice weekend for you overall. Enjoy the coming week!

  9. My husband says the exact same thing. Silly men. (:

  10. I have lost my knitting mojo. I'm hopig to to find it somewhere this week. I'm glad you got a handle on yours, especially after all the frogging!

    I can just imagine your Frodo picking up his head everytime he heard his name. That must have been so cute!

  11. I think your husband and I would get along...if I didn't feel the urge to throw something at him ;) Sorry you had to tink...it's not fun!

  12. ooo not the solution I'd be looking for either!!!! enjoy the cooling---it does get those creative juices flowing, doesn't it????

  13. eeek, scissors??! \that's too funny about Frodo :)

  14. Haha, what Frodo must have thought about all those people on tv talking about him!
    Good you're back in your happy place; but at least you didn't need scissors!

  15. Lord of The Rings is my favorite Trilogy! It's like the ultimate fight of good vs evil. Funny about your husband and the knitting.

  16. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, despite having to unravel your work. Love your husbands sense of humor! Cohen, 3.5 years, has "helped" with my knitting before. This involves pulling the whole lot off the needles! :)

  17. That sounds peaceful and nice. I am so glad the cooler weather is upon us!

  18. Lambs ears are one of my favorites...


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