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The first full day in Portsmouth, New Hampshire my husband and I visited Strawberry Banke Museum. It was very interesting and fun.  This museum is an area of town that has been preserved and they also relocated a few historical houses including recreating gardens.  What I thought was neat was that it spanned four centuries.

Funny though, I thought my favorite places would be the oldest places.  They were eye catching and informative.  However, the 1950's house was my favorite and the little grocery store (that I did not take a photo of!) was great!  It had the prices of merchandise and the ration numbers.

Isn't it funny that when you are out and about you seemed to feel like you are taking too many photos.  Always snapping or stopping.  Then I get home upload and think "this is it?".  I need to just keep snapping so I have way too many to choose from.  I love the old stoneware in the above photo that is on the floor.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you which house is what.  I just loved the wall paper and the simplicity of their everyday lives.  No TV, no computer, no electricity.  I could never live without any of those things but being unplugged gave me such a nice break and I felt like I had oodles of time. In the above photo I could just imagine myself reading a really good book and feeling the morning sun while rocking.

I love this roof, it would be a nightmare if it was my roof but for photography's sake it is beautiful.  The museum did a lovely job of capturing history and preserving slices of time for all to see.  I really thought it was kind of the museum to always have something for children in each room.  There were period toys to play with or period clothes to dress up in.  Almost every house had an interactive area.  Brilliant!!!

Well, I hope you liked the tour.  While we were vacationing my husband and I remarked more than once about doing more local activities to capture that "vacation" spirit as well as exploring our area.  There is so much near us that we haven't seen.

I do believe I see another "list" in the making!!


  1. I loved my tour Karen.
    Like you I want all my modern luxuries, but for a little while I think it would be nice to live in the 'olden days'.
    I love the stoneware too. I have a small collection of crocks that I use in my kitchen that I have had for years.

  2. Thanks for the tour, it all looks so lovely. I agree with you on the local stuff, there is so much in our community and we don't often take the time to visit. Maybe I should be making a list too :)

  3. one of my favorite things is the late afternoon nursing session in the rocking chair. it sits in this spot by the window where i get a sliver of late afternoon sun and i soak it up.

  4. There are so many things to love in all this. My children think it's so crazy that I remember a more unplugged life....I enjoy reading...books...gasp. I think if I had to give it all up, I could. Except possibly the radio or some form a music. That's something I couldn't do without. TV, internet, not as big of a deal.

  5. Thanks for the tour...these are lovely photos. I especially love the rusty metal hoops and like you appreciate the simplicity that seems to evade many of us these days.

    That's a great idea about continuing the vacation.

  6. and a great list it will be--can't wait to go with you adventuring! I have some redware that I love, too----I guess my heart is sort of in the early 19th century.
    (I find myself doing the same thing with the camera---think I'm taking too many pics, only to find that I'm missing some important stuff!!! not too 19th century, though, is it??? )

  7. I love the wallpaper in the bedroom.

  8. Love the tour! How beautiful is that old stove. It's a piece of art. Jacinta

  9. wow. yes, agreeing with jessica...I am loving the wallpaper! and I never like wallpaper!

  10. Great photos!
    Touring your own town like a tourist is quite fun. You can learn about things you never even knew about.

  11. Im taking the kids there next week!


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