My String of Days

I thought maybe my photo today should be the essence of summer.  I am thrilled that fall surrounds me and there's a chill in the early morning and late evening.  So many leaves are on the ground in different colors.  By my driveway there is a large oak tree that has been dropping acorns like crazy.  Many times a day I walk down the drive and try to crunch as many acorn tops as I can, it reminds me of being a kid.

I grew up in Pittsburgh in a row house.  There was one street in particular that was lined with oak trees. My sister and I would walk through all the fallen leaves kicking and giggling and enjoying the crunch because in the city numerous trees in one area are scarce.  She does not remember these moments but I do.  

I have quickly returned to my usual routines and our trip last weekend seems so long ago.  Every day this week I have had appreciation for my coffeemaker who never fails to make a good cup of coffee.  Hotel visits bring out gratitude. Today the kids are coming home for the weekend and I know the next 48 hours are going to whiz by quickly.

I hope you have a joyous weekend!


  1. Enjoy your weekend! I am loving fall too, the best time of the year!

  2. Pretty photo. I'm amazed by the amount of butterflies out lately. I do love the chill in the morning and evening, but also love the warmth in the middle of the day. Enjoy the weekend with your kids!

  3. I also love crunching acorn tops! I'm curious about what part of Pittsburgh you grew up in; I'm in Lawrenceville in a row house.

    1. I grew up on Troy Hill and moved in 1976? not sure which year to out in the northern suburbs.

  4. Beautiful photo! We used to rake leaves and jump in them. I remember landing on acorns...not nearly as much fun as crushing them :) Enjoy your time with the kids!

  5. what a beautiful photo!!! Have a ball with the family this weekend!!!

    The acorn, I just have to pick them up on our acorn bowl is filling quickly!

  6. I love kicking through the leaves too. Even wet's a bit like walking through a bowl of cornflakes! And I have to collect conkers when I see bright shiny new ones...I come home with my bag full of them and don't know what to do with them but don't want to throw them away!

    Your weekend sounds fun...have a good one.

  7. Butterfly bush! We have one, too ~ it seems to be loving these cooler temps! Great photo. Enjoy the kids this weekend, I know you'll have fun :)

  8. Crushing acorns and running through leaves sounds like a lot of fun. Our temperatures are hoovering around 90 degrees so it still feels like summer here.
    Have a great time with your kid's home [don't look at the mess ;) ].

  9. Enjoy the weekend! I have a feeling we'll be acorn hunting tomorrow :)

  10. Lovely photo. Enjoy your weekend, soak up every moment with those kids of yours.

  11. The Crunch of Autumn, how lovely!! that photo is amazing Karen! have a very lovely weekend!

  12. Jairah is sitting on my lap and he just saw your butterfly photo. He loves it. Crunchy leaves under foot are something special whatever your age. Glad you are enjoying the change in the weather. It is warming up here a little now, but I find with the spring weather, illness seems to visit us, ho hum. Have a lovely weekend with your gorgeous family. Jacinta

  13. Monarchs are so pretty. We don't have them milkweed either. Sounds like you had a good trip and came home with memories and nice yarn!

  14. we've also had some beautiful butterflies here, the hummingbirds are also around still.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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