The weekend was mainly a "do nothing" weekend for me.  A restorative weekend was in order.  On my calendar was penned Rhinebeck! and I had every intention of attending for the first time this year, really I did.  But the closer that date loomed the more I questioned whether I really wanted to spend seven hours total in the car to do a day trip.

I'm sure I've mentioned that I do not like crowds nor do I like to wait much for anything.  I have the luxury in my life to do my grocery shopping with retired people during the day-that's my speed.  So on Thursday, I canceled the kennel stay for Frodo and looked forward to a quiet uneventful boring weekend.  For some reason the "do nothing" weekend felt like a gift. Once the decision was made, I felt completely at peace and happy.

So my weekend contained:

-starting a new knitting project, and yes it's another cowl
-inhaled and soaked up the sights and smells of fall in my back yard, it is completely in every cell of my body :)
-dinner with friends, laughing and catching up with life's details
-clearing off the kitchen counter of papers and stuff.
-gathering up some Christmas knitted gifts to see who gets what
-deciding who is left to knit for
-homemade pizza today which I cannot wait to eat-I'm hungry as I type this
-walking our dog in the afternoons
-sort of looking forward to the time change in November

And dare I say I felt like playing Christmas music!?!?!?  I resisted but I was humming....

How was your weekend?

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  1. a boring weekend is what everybody needs from time to time!! sounds like you got a lot done all the same. hmmm, homemade pizza, now i'm hungry too ;) just a "boring" german bread dinner here...

  2. oh no! no! no!!! not quite yet with the Christmas music!!! (hee, hee!) It'll be here before you know it!! sounds like a perfectly delightful weekend.
    I've kicked around the idea of going back to Rhinebeck...was there several years ago, and was just slightly disappointed; MUCH for spinners; the year we were there there just wasn't a lot of indie dyers with already spun yarn. I was real glad that it wasn't my ultimate destination (a New England week---and Maine!!!! were, and we found many yarn stores en route that were much better than what we found at Rhinebeck--and it was an unseasonably warm weekend, so even people viewing wasn't that great; BUT, we had a horrible trip getting there and I keep wondering if that somewhat colored my visit. Only way to tell would be to go back someday, right???)

  3. you are the second person to mention christmas music today!!!

  4. I'm loving the fall right now but as October goes along I've found myself getting excited for the Christmas season too! And Ree's birthday is the beginning of December & plans have already been started for that too. I mentioned Rhinebeck this morning & my husband was ready to jump in the car & take me. Except it's a 2 1/2 drive & I didn't feel prepared enough. But he promised me next year if I plan in advance he'll take me. Something to look forward to! Although if it was a 7 hour trip I'd probably think a little harder about it.

  5. Christmas music? Ha, you are so funny although I do have my gift list already in the works.
    How was the pizza? I have a feeling I will have to make some before the week is out now that the idea is planted in my head!

  6. It's felt a bit christmassy here too..it was very misty Saturday morning and I found myself watching The Victorian Christmas!

  7. Your weekend sounds lovely. I had a do (almost) nothing weekend too and sometimes we need just that. Have a great week!

  8. Ah Rhinebeck, every year I have every intention of attending and then ....life.
    I love the do nothing weekends, I haven't seen one in weeks and I feel the need to!

  9. I was listening to my ipod yesterday while running and I had it on shuffle and a bunch of Christmas music popped in. I had to forward it, not quite ready for that.

  10. What perfect weekend, I think I need one of those relaxing do nothing weekends...maybe next weekend.

  11. it sounds like you made the very best decision staying around home. i go through the same thing when deciding weather to stay or go, and i guess rhinebeck will always be there next year! now i am hungry for pizza too!

  12. Sounds like just what you needed. Enjoy the week ahead.

  13. Ah, the space to be! Precious indeed. I'm wondering what you topped your pizza with?

    Happy week to you.


  14. I love "do nothing" weekends. I have to condense mine into Sunday, but that is just what I did yesterday.

    I am so in love with fall this year. The more leaves the tree in the back yard blankets our yard (and the neighbor's), the more I love it. I just wish it would stay consistently cooler!

  15. I recently sat down & made a list of all my "to-make" gifts. It is rather daunting, and I feel like I haven't enough time to do them all, so I'm reserving the right to decide to just buy a few things & save some of the gift ideas for next year! (No Christmas music yet! I refuse to listen until after Julia's birthday. Although she has been wandering around the house singing "Holly jolly, holly jolly, holly jolly…" so maybe she's feeling it a little early, too!)
    I have never been to Rhinebeck. We lived about an hour away, before we moved to Buffalo the first time, and I always wanted to go. (Incidentally, George's grandfather was from Red Hook, which is next to Rhinebeck.) I planned to go when we lived in Connecticut again the last few years but never made it. We should make plans to both go & meet up there; I think that would be a hoot… xo

  16. NOOOO! Not Christmas music already! haha! I'm glad you had a great weekend!

  17. Those quite "do nothing" weekends are so restorative and we all need them. And a seven hour car ride?!?! Ugh. That might have kept me home too.

  18. Replies
    1. I have had that urge myself. Not sure why the Christmas tunes are in my head already. I planned on going to Rhinebeck too. But like you, the 7 hour ride just wasn't calling to me. And I REALLY don't need to get anything, especially since my knitting and spinning haven't been happening as much as it used to. I'm even thinking of skipping New England Fiber in a couple of weeks. We shall see what happens.

  19. Sounds like a nice weekend. But keep resisting the Christmas Music! Cowls are so fun to knit. I'm working on yours and making progress after having to frog it last week. A do nothing weekend sounds great...so glad you enjoyed.

  20. I'm not much for crowds, either.
    Given the choice, I'd much rather stay home and make pizza.

  21. Oh lady! I've been rocking the Christmas music for a week now! My husband is very very worried about me ;) It sounds like your weekend was exactly what you needed. Do you do an after Christmas recap so we can see all the handmade gifts you gave? I hope so! Happy Monday to you :)

  22. we went on a beautiful hike in the mountains. there, i collected tons of leaves for who knows what reason...
    the one you photographed is absolutely gorgeous!


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