I've been enjoying Michelle's Gratitude week and thought I'd join in.  Today I am grateful for:

-a dog that loves to snuggle when he's cold
-my cup of tea in a hand made pottery mug
-blue skies
-cell phones in which to keep in touch with the kids
-wooly socks
-peaceful quiet mornings to mull over what I want to get done, or not to get done
-lunch with a friend
-new pens
-finding the mistake I made last night on my knitting thinking it was hopeless
-for fixing the mistake so easily once I had a good night sleep!

What are you grateful for today?


  1. your friendship!!! have a great weekend, friend!

  2. a lovely list of simple beauties, karen.

    i am so very grateful for you joining in with gratitude week. just reading your comment on my blog {that you were playing along today} kidding...a big smile crept over my face.

  3. wooly socks make my list every time. My knitting students love that all I wear during the winter is my hand knit socks.

  4. I have a little dog curled up in my lap right now, he loves my robe!
    I love your list Karen and am glad to hear knitting mistakes are taken
    care of and you can knit away in peace.

  5. I am so glad to hear someone else gets excited by new husband thinks I'm nuts. Also glad you were able to fix your mistake easily! Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Great list. Cups of tea and new pens sound rather lovely and I'm glad you were able to fix your knitting (I have no patience with that sort of thing and am always in awe of people that do!). Love your beautiful image and the beautiful blue sky too. Happy Friday. :)

  7. Snuggling dogs might be at the very top of my list!

  8. finding the mistake I made last night on my knitting thinking it was hopeless

    Now that is something to be greatful for!
    Love Leanne

  9. My dog tries to snuggle though he takes up more than his share of the bed. Snuggling animals is one of my favorite things.

  10. Thanks for the reminder that the simple things in our life are those we are most grateful for. Enjoy thie pre-Thanksgiving weekend!

  11. It's lovely to focus on the good things in life isn't it. I am grateful for the tea party my kids are having that is bring peace to a busy morning and the hot cup of tea I am enjoying. Happy weekend. Jacinta

  12. Such a lovely list. Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Pretty nice list! I am also grateful for peaceful mornings! :)

  14. Great list, Karen. I especially appreciate the part about the knitting mistake... I'm always amazed at how much more manageable it seems after a good rest. ;) Wishing you a wonderful weekend. blessings ~ tanna

  15. What a wonderful list. I especially love the one about Frodo snuggling when he's cold. HOW CUTE IS THAT!!?????
    And good for you for sleeping before trying to figure out a knitting problem. That's the sign of an advanced knitter.


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