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These mornings are chilly, quiet and spectacular.  I find myself taking in the beauty of a frost and deeply breathing in the cold winter air.  Each morning the frost looks different.  The absence of snow which is sad for me is soothed by the frost in the morning.

Days are speeding by and my to do lists are manageable when I remember them or find them under piles of papers.  What I have been enjoying this week:

-singing random Christmas songs
-having video games going on (the son is completely at home!)
-friendship and socializing, in real life!
-oh the chocolate
-incredible views of mountains and rolling valleys as I drove to my son's campus and back
-my extended rest from knitting, I do believe it was much needed and necessary
-chatting with my sister every single day :)

What did you enjoy this week?

Have a lovely weekend :)


  1. I love seeing all of your beautiful photos Karen. I saw on the Weather Channel the other day where a Russian photographer took close up photos of snowflakes, they were incredible and your photos made me think of them.
    Enjoy the time with your son and your chocolate ;)

  2. It looks to christmassy! Enjoy your family time :) x

  3. Beautiful photographs! So happy your son is home - sounds like you had a rather wonderful week! :)

  4. your images of the frost are lovely.
    i've been enjoying holiday activities with the kids and a sense of peace in the midst of busyness {yes, it's possible!}.
    happy weekend to you :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! We had a beautiful frost a few times this week too. But it's way too cold for me to go out to take pictures. (I'm sure that will change when we get a dog. Hopefully this summer!!). Your week sounds lovely and I'm so glad the knitting break has helped!

  6. Oh, sister twin, you put a smile on my face :) Socializing in real life. Yes, we WERE separated at birth! lol

    Lovely photos. Frost...and you know what comes next, right?! A little Christmas snow, perhaps? ;)

    Have a blessed weekend all!

  7. Your beautiful photos make me chilly! So glad you are enjoying your time with your son. We have been playing outside and visiting friends as much as possible. The weather is too gorgeous to be inside.

  8. love those photos! I have been dealing with a sick family all week!!

  9. My oldest just got home last night...the noise level increased and it is wonderful! It's amazing how much noise they make and how quickly we forget. Have a lovely weekend!!

  10. such beautiful phots! Thank you for sharing :)

  11. hmmm... perhaps a post to come from my week. i wonder if i'll ever miss the video games going on and be happy when they return? probably so... enjoy your family! pretty frost pictures. i think after my walk this afternoon in 50 degree weather, i'd be enjoying your frost from inside. my fingers are still thawing out.

  12. How beautiful! I love frost, even though falling snow makes me immeasurably happy. =)

    This week I was SO happy to finish up my semester so I can relax and enjoy this season. Daily sister chats sound amazing...I need to call mine!

  13. We've been listening to lots of Christmas music here too!

  14. Beautiful photos. I find the frost so soothing and peaceful. Happy weekend.

  15. Your week sounds wonderful. Glad your hands/arms are getting their rest... much more knitting to be enjoyed!

    Now, hubby has the vile stomach bug. It has been wicked. I'll be glad to have a day of no one being sick!!

    The video games going with your son being home brings back some special memories for me, too. ;) enjoy their being home! blessings ~ tanna


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