My weekend was filled with:

-a heavy heart for the horrific events in Connecticut
-crossing off tasks for the preparation of Christmas
-shopping with my son and enjoying time together
-menu planning for two weeks
-new possibilities in the new year-thoughts that float about in my mind
-watching HP movies, #4 and #5 this afternoon
-knitting and knitting and knitting and not having any issues!!
-being ever so thankful for my family

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. Yay for knitting without issues! I knit some this morning, if you can call it that, Sashay yarn ruffle scarves are fun, but they aren't knitting in my book...

  2. I'm so glad that you are knitting without discomfort. I've been thinking about the new year, too. Love the photo in this post--beautiful!

  3. It has been a heavy weekend with the horrible shooting in Conn. This event I just can't stop thinking about....loosing children.ugh.
    trying very hard not to think about new projects and next year, something new for me because i am a planner.
    So glad you are knitting again, please do not over do it and take care.
    on my way to wind some more yarn.

  4. Very, very sad that something like that could happen in the state I call home. :-(

    I've been trying to keep busy so as not to cry like I really want to do.

  5. So glad your knitting is back in full swing. Glad you had this time with your son.

  6. How fun to have a HP sort of day! Glad you're back to knitting. Enjoy having the fam at home!

  7. so happy to hear you are knitting again......you just might get those socks done after all!

  8. yes... being thankful for family! glad you are back to knitting with no issues!! blessings ~ tanna

  9. It's been quiet around here. Today I am going to turn the Christmas music station back on and head to my sewing room and try to find my joy in the season again. I'm not sure where I put it on Friday but it must be around here somewhere. I have a feeling I'm going to need it in spades to carry me through the trip home for Christmas…
    I'm glad to hear you had a nice weekend - and that you're knitting without a problem! Wonderful news! xo

  10. sounds like a lovely and relaxing weekend, highly productive on the knitting front :)

  11. that does sound like a good weekend. and yay for being able to knit so much without issues!! happy monday, Karen!

  12. A weekend of knitting without issue is a mythical kind of weekend I've only heard about ;)

  13. Lovely lovely weekend. Knitting and knitting and knitting sounds exactly like the perfect occupation

  14. Sounds like a perfect one Karen. We've all been saddened by the news. It's makes us all appreciate family time together even more than usual.


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