This weekend has been filled with:

-new planners, new lists, and new plans.  I HAD to buy a planner for the classes, right?
-shredding documents-I'm a silly one for saving every bit of paper, now I'm paying for it.
-signing up for online statements for FIVE companies, only took me one hour but I waited two years to do it :/
-resolutions of the boring kind, like reducing paper.
-sending our daughter back to her apartment, I'm beginning to be like my mother and grandmother before me.  I go through my pantry and freezer saying "do you want this soup?"  "do you want this peanut butter?", "how about a loaf of bread?"
-my daughter said "yes" to just about everything, just like I did way back when
-enjoying the undecorated house-it feels light and airy!

How was your weekend?

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  1. We have the same planner except mine is red! I think new planners and dreams are the best part of January.
    I have been paperless for years, you are going to love it! It really does make life so much easier and you don't have to worry about buying stamps.
    I think it's a mother thing to send our babies off into the world with food, I do it too. Yesteray I gave my daughter half a turkey and a jar of farro!

  2. I will be the same kind of mom! Love the planner... Erin

  3. you must 'nurture' those young 'uns......no matter how old they are!!! I know it was bittersweet sending her back to school....

  4. I still take food my parents offer. In fact C and I are going to dinner at their house tonight.

  5. I love planners and planning : ) Your new planner is very pretty.

    I have not yet made the switch to electronic statements...I keep hesitating (I am so old school about some things). In a few months you'll have to let me know if you're happy with the change--if you are, then maybe I'll finally bite the bullet and try it, too!

    1. PS: I love your new wintry banner images. The frost photos you took a while back were some of my favorites : )

  6. I always send my kids home with a car load of food too. It is in our job description.

  7. LOL! It must be a universal mother/grandmother thing. ;) We took all the decorations down this weekend... I think I can notice the days beginning to get longer. =)

  8. Have fun with all the planning. And I too love how light and airy the house feels once all the decorations come down. Have a lovely week.

  9. I usually have about three planners going at the same time. There is just something addictive with them and lists. I remember when I got my first apartment I used to do my laundry at my grandparents. I would come home and they would have tucked money or canned food in the baskets. Just thinking of it makes me smile.

  10. I love planners! I get a thrill out of writing stuff down. Yours are very pretty! I had to laugh at how you clean out the pantry to give stuff to your daughter. My husband does that every weekend when we send my daughter's boyfriend back to the Navy Base an hour away. He brings back a nice goodie bag to share with his roommates!

  11. Oo I love planners! And lists! And lists in planners! LOL

    Funny.. when I was getting Mom ready to go back to Indiana on Friday I was going through the fridge and pantry asking her about the same things.. "Do you want to take this? How about this? Oh! Take this back and share with Adam!". ;)

  12. I fondly recall going home to my apartment laden with groceries from my mom :)

  13. My house feels empty now with the oldest (loaded with food as well) back at school and the decorations down. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that's held onto paper...It's a sad habit in this day and age. Maybe this will be the year I let go as well.

  14. new planners and lists sounds perfect! i started a new list-making journal too. and i also always take everything my mum offers me from her fridge... it's such a mama thing, i hope i'll be the same one day. she even packs dinners for my hubby when we've been there all day so i don't need to cook for him in the evening...

  15. I've been married for six years and my mom still does that to me when we visit :) Not that I mind it. Happy monday to you :)

  16. It's a mother thing. My friends always send me home with something. Sounds like a nice weekend....hope your week is just as nice.

  17. I love seeing how all my blog friends are gearing up for the New Year.
    Plan Away!

  18. i just sent my oldest back to her dorm. so strange, i sent her with cake, Chinese food and cash. LOL and day planners, i think i need one. lol have a lovely week.

  19. I bought the same exact planner! Now to fill it up with fun and adventures. I think sending a loved one off with food is a great gift.

  20. cute! i've always loved buying planners and notebooks and journals. oh pens too. i love pens!

  21. This post cracked me up - my mom totally does that too! :) Love your planner - new planners are my favorite thing about the new year (and calendars)!


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