I like plain bread, you know the unhealthy kind, especially toasted!  But then there are lots of foods I love that are not the best, we will not mention french fries and chocolate chip cookies.  I'm still adjusting to cooking and meal planning for two people.  Yesterday was a "big salad" (think of Elaine's salad from Seinfield) with this delicious loaf of bread from the bakery department at the local grocery store.

Other confessions that you might find interesting:

-I will randomly sing Broadway show tunes out loud or in my head, today I'm stuck on Wicked- "For Good"
-I am looking forward to the snow we will be getting (you might know that already)
-I like the kitchen to be tidy before I sit and knit
-I go through phases of which mug is my favorite
-my best ideas are before lunchtime
-like a toddler, I get cranky near my bedtime
-I always taste my vegetables first at dinner
-I have no sense of direction (zero)
-to compensate I walk to the right when shopping in malls.  I end up at the beginning eventually.
-I'd rather read written directions than a map, but I'd rather read a knitting chart than written directions!
-I believe I'm right most of the time and hate to admit I'm wrong-but that is so rarely ;)

Have a lovely weekend and if you're on the east coast I hope your shovel is ready!!


  1. Your confessions made me smile, especially since I see myself in a few of them. :-)

  2. I doubt you are ever wrong. Although I am not a huge fan of bread (or so I try to convince myself), I do so love chocolate chip cookies. And the smell of baking bread cannot be surpassed (except for maybe bacon). And how I wish we were getting some of that snow here in northern VA. My kiddos so very much want snow and I do too.

  3. You've inspired me to do a similar post today. I sat down to type and had zero inspiration. Thanks! :) (I think I'm right most of the time, too...don't we all?!) ~Lisa

  4. I also have absolutely no sense of direction, and favourite mug phases. Show tunes too, only I am more likely to sing them out loud :)

  5. I counted seven items on your list that we are the same! Oh, and white bread with butter is the best, I can't eat it any more, but I do remember the taste.
    Enjoy all the snow headed your way.

  6. Love bread.
    Like a tidy kitchen before I can do anything.
    I have a feeling we are not getting any snow this year. I am pretty sad, as I love it too.
    Have a great weekend, Tami

  7. Hrm. I don't think we'll be getting snow down here on the southern east coast. But I'll smile into the breeze coming through my open windows and think of you! (:

    And bread? I like bread. All bread. Any bread! Well, any bread that doesn't have chunks of fruit or nuts - that's just freaky.

  8. I guess this is why you are quickly becoming one of my BFF..... I hit 10 out of 11------believe me, NO ONE wants to hear me sing (including me!!!!)

  9. What a fun post! I like seeing what makes people tick!

  10. I love these fun tidbits about you! ANd I have zero sense of direction as well!

  11. I was mentally ticking off similarities in my head as I read along. I especially like the singing show tunes in your head. I don't do that. Mostly because I'm tone deaf...even in my head! ;) Enjoy your snow and your weekend! Mix it up and drink from EvErY mug this weekend! xoxox

  12. We are a random broadway singing family here too. It drives Amante nuts!

  13. we are more similar than different! : ) i knew i liked you.

  14. I can relate to so much of your list- bread!
    Hope the storm isn't too much of a doozy- kinda wish it was us...we need snow in Montucky....well, after you give your shovel a good work can go in for some fresh bread:)

  15. Of course you're never wrong! Enjoy the snow. But if you get tired of it, send some to Colorado. We need it.

  16. Such a fun post, I too like the kitchen to be tidy before I sit down to knit. Have a great weekend.

  17. i'm with you on the written directions!

  18. Ha, I get cranky when I'm hungry ;) And I need the kitchen clean before I start cooking. That means it's only clean for 5 minutes before I make a new mess. I wish I'd clean up earlier so I could at least enjoy it for a bit...

  19. ha hilarious. Why walk to the right? Me I'm all over the shop and am directionless in my ideas, wherever the urge takes me!

  20. I love it. I am also bad at directions. I do better with landmarks than maps. That bread looks delicious!

  21. Big salad always makes methink of Elaine too! My friend gave me a Tastefully Simple beer bread mix and I may have to try it next week, you photo made me remember that I had it.

  22. I need some of this snow you're all getting over there!

    Lovely post ... in this house we have a tendency to randomly talk with silly voices ... I think we've listened to too many episodes of The Goons!

  23. LOL! We might possibly share a "vice" or two. ;) Enjoy your snow! blessings ~ tanna

  24. Hope you are enjoying the snow. We are a bit jealous down here, no big snows for us yet, just little tiny ones.

    Love your list. I am with you on the bread, especially toasted with real salted butter...mmmmm.

    I had to smile a little. Since we are at the mercy of the top hits radio at work, I usually end up getting bits of One Direction and Taylor Swift stuck in my head. Nothing more embarrassing than a 40 year old singing "we are never, ever, ever getting back together" but it happens.

  25. funny, cute and good to know about you.
    I won't serve you wheat bread or infer that you are ever wrong.
    Your sense of direction can't be worse than mine. I am chronically teased about it and it pisses me off.
    Let's never go on a trip together alone or we won't make it back.
    ; )

  26. Loving this glimpse into Karen! I'm with you on both the maps and the tidy kitchen. Happy weekend, friend :)

  27. Bread - toasted and dripping with butter. Yum. I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken :)


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