Frodo says "hi" to all of you, isn't he a cutie??  He loves when I grab the camera, it usually means a walk about the yard and exploration for him.  Yesterday after dinner we all went for a short walk.  This was the first walk since my ankle injury.  Walking inspires interesting conversations and observations of our neighborhood.  I'm thinking that spring is slowly showing its signs.  I've seen two cardinals singing to each other, they are dating currently and possibly considering a family.

This past week I had the pleasure to sit and wait at a doctor's office for a check up appointment.  While sitting and doing a crossword puzzle, I managed to also people watch.  Call me nosy but it just can't be helped.  I find other people fascinating and if they talk loud enough for me to hear, well so be it.  Anyways, in front of me was an elderly wheelchair bound woman and her companion who was slightly less elderly.  The companion stated that her doctor told her she should laugh more.  She expressed to the wheelchair lady "there is nothing to laugh about anymore".

In that single moment I felt blessed.  How wonderful is it that I have laughter in my life?  I believe that I chuckle here and there every day.  It might be something that I've heard, read or maybe the kids have told me a story.  My husband is quite talented at delivering one liners that make me smile.  Laughter is such a dear commodity and I struggled the urge to make the lady laugh about anything!  When I am at my most worried frantic state, that is when I'm the funniest.  It eases my mind, relieves the stress and lightens my mental load.

So today I am grateful for finding the funny in my ordinary days.  I am grateful for the family members before me who shared their love of laughter and sense of humor.

-My grandmother had a smile on her face during her life that was radiant and contagious.
-My dad has an unusual sense of humor and I find myself sounding more like him as I age (think corny).  -My uncle who weaves a tale that lasts forever with a twinkle in his eye.

I watch my children chatting with random movie quotes flying through the air that end in fits of laughter. I believe the future generation will continue the tradition.

Have a great weekend and may you always find something to smile about :)


  1. One of my favorite sayings: The most thoroughly wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed. - Chamford :-)

  2. How very sad to go about life thinking there is nothing to laugh about, poor, poor woman.
    I laugh ever day. Like your husband, Mike is very quick witted and loves one liners or else he makes up these remixes to songs and sings to me...very funny.

    I hope you laugh a lot this weekend and you and your sister eat lots of birdseed's really good.

  3. Someone asked me why I went on the first date with the Hubs. You know, what brought us together. Very simple...he makes me laugh. And he still does. As trite as it may sound, laughter really is the best medicine. I hope you find plenty to laugh about!

  4. PErhaps soon the cardinals will update everyone with a status of "in a relationship." How tragic that the woman could find nothing to laugh about anymore. I wonder if all her life was so difficult. I find our household effuses laughter and I am so glad yours does too.

  5. I think I would of laughed out loud at the comment from the women in the chair...not because what she said is really sad but at her total honesty. I see elderly and even a lot of young who struggle everyday to find any humor in their life. I have learned that they find the least humor at the doctors or the hospital. Here is where they just want to get the business done and be able to go home. I bet that women laughed a lot in her younger days and when her health was in her control.
    My husband makes me laugh all the time! And what I find really humorous is he is an introvert and most people miss his subtle one liners.

  6. i'm so glad your ankle is feeling better and you were able to get outside awhile karen, and such beautiful happy thoughts on your family! yay to laughter! and hi frodo! he is adorable!!

  7. I love cardinals. Especially DATING cardinals. Not to rush them, but wouldn't baby cardinals be the cutest?!
    Karen you have a wonderful sense of humor ~ humor is so important ~ it keeps the heart and soul young, and can see us through the most challenging of circumstances. My parents both had a wonderful sense of humor, maybe one of the greatest gifts they passed to their children! Have a fun and happy weekend!

  8. poor lady! i'm with you, laughter is good, a must really :)

  9. When my brother and I were small my mom made it her mission to make us laugh every day. Even if she had to tickle us. And we were all happier for it.

    I'm glad you got out for a walk. Have fun watching the cardinals :) And Frodo is the cutest!

  10. I have an asian brush painting on the wall in the hallway that says "Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we'll never cease to be amused." So true. We laugh daily in our house. The kid makes me laugh. Hubby makes me laugh. I make myself laugh.

    Glad you ankle is doing better. I'm in for a shoulder check up as I type this.

  11. Oh that poor woman - I think she may of just needed a tonic of laughter and saved her dollar at the doctors, but then again I don;t know what sadness the lady has in her life. But I agree with you laughter is the best thing ever and I'm greatful our home has it everyday ... but with so many animals here we always laughing at one of their antics.
    Love Leanne
    PS we have signs of autumn here

  12. Love your cute dog! And your children sound like me and my siblings-- when we're all together, there is lots of laughter!

  13. This post made me so happy : ) I think that you and I have a lot in common: I love crosswords, people watching, laughter--and I even heard a male cardinal calling to his mate a few this week!

    I'm so glad that your ankle is feeling better and you are able to get outside with Frodo again.

  14. Wow. That is really heavy. And I love how blessed you are and FEEL.
    I am the same. We have it good, no?


  15. p.s. I want to grab that little Frodo face and
    S M O O T C H

  16. Thanks for sharing this! How sad for the lady in the dr.'s office not to have anything to laugh about. It's true - there are funny things everywhere around here and this post made me think how much I take it for granted! Glad you are out for a walk and that Frodo is just the cutest!

  17. Your family shares a wonderful and rich heritage in the gift of laughter!! =D

    Glad you are beginning to resume your walks... and I know Frodo is, too. ;) CUTE!

  18. hi, Frodo---you cute little guy!!! you bring a smile to my face every time I see you!!!

  19. I think so many times one tends to focus on the negative- it's amazing what a little smile can do thru hard times...and laughter- I hear it every day with my kids in the's contagoius and an elixer.
    Your Frodo is too cute!


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