Blue Skies and Lace Edgings

I thought I'd dazzle you with a bright blue sky that hasn't been seen since last weekend.  Pretty huh? I miss it so.  Every day this week has been over cast, sure the sun will peek out but it's brief and not enough.  Yesterday we walked our dirt road searching for signs of spring.  Runny noses are the only sign for now.  Allergy season!

I've resumed my lace knitting and am happy to announce that the edging pattern is cemented into my memory.  One less thing to slow me down-reading directions.  When I first started the edging, I thought it was not very pretty.  Now that I'm a 1/3 done I think it's beautiful.  I used to think garter stitch was very ugly now I love it.  Funny how tastes change.  Garter stitch lovingly showcases a hand painted yarn to it's best advantage, in my opinion.

Now that spring is approaching (it will arrive, promise) smaller projects are flitting through my mind.  Hats and socks.  Also I would love to do a beaded lace knit. I haven't really decided on a specific pattern, yet.  Next week when Easter is over I can quietly sit with a cup of coffee and fall down the rabbit hole of Ravelry's pattern search.

Frodo and I were walking about the yard and we passed our little raised vegetable beds.  Last year we (the royal we, it means "he") waited so long to clear out the dead plants that we had numerous volunteers.  I'm hoping more volunteers sprout up out of the earth by the time we plant in six weeks.

It's going to be a busy weekend for us as well as for all of you, I hope you have a lovely Easter!!


  1. What a lovely - uplifting post. Blue skies- yessss! SO happy that your lace pattern is now working- I know the feeling all to well when I start a project and I am unhappy. Have a wonderful springy weekend :)

  2. Our sky was blue yesterday, but the weather has obviously decided we must spend all weekend inside knitting as it's awful now! Can't wait to see the beaded knit, it's a hurdle I have to tackle as well.

  3. There was even sun today :) I think things may finally be getting better. Hvae a good easter x

  4. Beaded lace sounds wonderful. Happy Easter to you and your family as well!

  5. Beautiful blue sky! I've missed seeing it these last few days... It was pretty here yesterday, but today we're back to overcast and cloudy. :-(
    Have a very happy Easter!

  6. So eager for spring! We had positive signs today of warmer weather and sunshine. Couldn't be happier! Time to plant the garden finally! Happy Easter!

  7. What a lovely blue sky. We are so looking forward to warmer temperatures. Happy Easter!

  8. I love those volunteers!
    Hoping you have a great weekend, lovely!

  9. So, what is the lace project. I seem to have missed it. Happy Easter to you also.

  10. Happy Easter to you! Glad you have a blue sky this weekend! I feel the same way about garter stitch--when I was first learning to knit, I couldn't wait to move beyond it, but now I think it really elegantly showcases a pretty yarn:)

  11. Happy Easter!!! So happy to see some blue sky--even if it comes by way of your beautiful photos!! (Dreary here---just started to rain---again!) It's sounds as if you might have my version of spring fever, too----that old 'startitis'!!!! Can't wait to see the lace border........!


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