Heaven in a Shawl

This quick little shawlette is 198 yards of heaven and is it a quite fun fast pattern.  When I finished I thought there was no way possible for it to fit around my neck and look nice.

But the miracles of blocking never fail.  I soaked for 15 minutes even though it is cotton and I aggressively blocked the daylights out of it.  Seriously I pulled and pinned to its utmost.

Not only does it make a nice shawlette to wear around your shoulders or neck, it is an all season kind of shawl.  The yarn I used, Cascade yarns Ultra Pima retained its sheen :)  Now that is a slice of heaven!

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  1. Blocking is like magic, isn't it. I really like this, and I love the colour!

  2. Yeah...I have never blocked anything...and probably should figure that out :-) I LOVE this pattern! It is awesome!

  3. How utterly gorgeous! I have never made anything remotely lacy, so I am very impressed!

  4. Karen this is beautiful! Awesome job. :)

  5. oh, pretty in pink, Karen
    love it

  6. what a pretty spring color!!! blocking really is a miracle, isn't it??? It's lovely, Karen!

  7. So pretty!
    Karen, do you mind sharing how you block aggressively? Blocking is something I am still unsure of and don't think I do as I should.

    1. I might do a blog post on this (eventually) but to answer your question on this particular shawl, after soaking I started in the middle of the longest edge of the shawl because the longest edge is what wraps around my neck and it was too short. I pin to the carpeted floor from the middle out stretching as far as the project will allow. working from the middle to each tip. Once the longest edge is pinned out I work at the middle triangle tip stretching it down as far as the long edge and work my way pinning out each scalloped edge. I eyeball it to may sure it's symmetrical.

      You can only be aggressive to: plied yarns and durable (wool, alpaca blends) yarns. Do not do this to cashmere or single plied yarns (unless you tested it's strength while knitting) Cashmere is very fragile!!

  8. Very pretty! Pink cotton for summer works so well. It goes with just about anything.

  9. I had to do a double take. I did one of these in pink a while back and I had to do a second glance to be sure where I was. LOL! I love your choice of yarn much more than mine. blessings ~ tanna

  10. It looks fantastic!!! And agree blocking can make miracles:)

  11. Wow! This is stunning! And the color is something I would totally pick! Beautiful my dear! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. You wanna come visit and block a few things aggressively for me? I pay with chocolate and wine...and visits to really cool yarn stores.....

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Beautiful, well done blocking it.

  14. Gorgeous job, Karen. It is amazing what blocking can accomplish.


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