Springtime Thoughts

This little guy was out and about earlier this week catching the sun's rays.  I think he only just woke up and he seemed slow.  Frodo never even saw him! Frodo might be losing his hunting instincts ;)

Today I'm grateful for:

-budding trees and bushes everywhere, spring has exploded in 48 hours
-the cooler weather returning-it was a little too hot this week
-birds singing and my the robins are in abundance
-returning to a summerish menu-with so many vegetables in each meal
-light jacket wearing days with non winter boot shoes 
-my fiestaware-I smile whenever I eat!
-savoring my smallish knitting projects while daydreaming of larger to be projects
-daytime that lasts past dinner time for a quick walk
-fictional books that transport me to another time, place and entertain me

what are you grateful for?

have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I am grateful for everything! We are so blessed.

  2. I am grateful our weather didn't get as bad yesterday as we were expecting. We were under a tornado warning for a while (grateful for our storm shelter), but thankfully we only got lots of rain and wind.

  3. I wouldn't know where to start... :)
    But looking outside I can say I'm grateful for the rain last night that washed much of the crazy thick layer of pollen away that was covering everything.

    A friend of mine has fiestaware, it's really lovely. I always find it fun to make a new color combination every time I go for dinner.

  4. Love fiesta ware- no wonder you smile when you eat. Yes to lighter jackets and budding trees.
    I am grateful to be home :)
    Have a lovely weeeeekend.

  5. The snake is up in a tree? Clever little guy! I am very grateful for a good mammogram!

  6. Well, isn't that a bit of surprise? I'm thankful for this time with my family. It's so wonderful when everyone is home. Have a lovely weekend!!

  7. lovely snake photo! I am thankful for a 3 day weekend!

  8. we saw a snake over the weekend.....rather long guy, fortunately not in our yard!!

    Robyn has fiesta ware......and I love eating at her house! That has to be the cheeriest dinnerware ever made!!
    We got some of your early heat here, too---and I'm very very thankful to be back to spring temps. Too hot---too soon this year!

    Have the best weekend!

  9. Sweet list, Karen.
    There are so many things to be thankful for on a daily basis.
    At this very moment, I'm thankful for your many sweet comments on my blog!
    Much love and have a good weekend.

  10. I am thankful for this post. It made me laugh when I scrolled down and saw mr. snake! Was not expecting him at all! It was warm here, too. A tad too warm but thankfully cooler now . ;) Have a great weekend~ we are
    Yarn crawling!

  11. Look at the little guy, too cute! Such a lovely list. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. So lovely to hear spring is starting to gear up. The snake has very pretty markings. It's funny, we live in the middle of a forest, but we very rarely see snakes here. Jacinta

  13. We grew up eating on fiesta ware. When it was my brothers turn to do the dishes he would stack them all in color order and it would drive my mother crazy. After a while he would do it just because. We always know when he's been home for a visit. All you have to do is look in her cupboards!

  14. Oh my - what a slippery little thing...I can't blame him though.

  15. Oh my, I think I'd run away if I saw him, even if he is harmless! I love fall so much that I forget how lovely spring is every time it comes around. It's really special here, since it's such a short time before we launch into a really hot summer. I am savoring it!

  16. aww love the little snake..

    thankful for your prompt....
    and for a beautiful umbrella my children gave to me


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