Sweet Violets

The scarf is off the needles and sometime this weekend I'll block it.  Fingers crossed that it softens up, I have a feeling it will.  Do you see that bit of sparkle?  Beads!!  They are strategically placed at the edges while binding off.  It was fun placing them and now I have a burning desire to bead more knits.

It was gloomy and dreary yesterday so much so that I felt sad.  I tend to not be influenced by daylight shortening in the fall and winter, maybe because I am thrilled there's a chance of snow.  I eagerly await the short days and snuggle in after dinner with knitting and tea.  I briefly miss the after dinner walks but just barely, I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.

Come spring and yes it is spring here, I am a sponge to the returning sunny days, blue skies and mild breezes that herald in the beginning of nature's growth.  Thursday was sunny so much so that I sat outside, closed my eyes and absorbed the beauty.  It was wonderful-even Frodo joined me!

So that brings me back to yesterday, I was feeling sad, I kept looking at the clouds and wondering why I was miserable all because of the weather.  Standing there, questioning the sky I decided to look down.  With the clouds and the drizzle I found the wild violets that sprinkle our hill ready to bloom.  Spots of purple were peaking out amid the grass and weeds.

And then, I felt happy and content :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I can relate to you feeling sad on dreary days. We had several gorgeous days here and were able to be outdoors a lot.Now we're back to gloomy and wet for a few days. :-( The positive side of course is everything got a good and much needed soaking. :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh how lovely to have your day turned around by little violets peeking out :)

    Wow, your scarf looks great. The little beads are a nice touch.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Sometimes we just need to shift our focus from what is making us sad at that moment....how lovely that yours was just at your feet. Sweet, sweet violets.

    Have a great weekend...fingers crossed for a bit of sun and warmth!

    P.S. it's national kite flying month. Just sayin'..... ;)

  4. Yes - the heavy skies sometimes make us look down, but beauty is there too xxx

  5. Beads....oh dear! I'm afraid if I learned how to do that, there would be beads on EVERYTHING. I'm usually not too affected by the weather ether, but every once in a while it does get to me. My happy moment was the birds building a nest in our gas grill....it has no gas at the moments, so it's all good. I'm going to try to get a picture because I think there might be babies soon :) Have a lovely weekend!!

  6. Pretty
    Pretty...oh that lovely blue sure lifts my spirits. Can't wait to see this beauty- please post when done :)
    I am with you- sun sponge! Have a great weekend.

  7. i love the beads at the end. what a great little splash of bling!
    and i so get you, when spring and summer are here i am just done with cloudy days, i want to soak up sun sun sun! here is to many many sunny days ahead!

  8. Beautiful blue yarn. Can't wait to see the scarf blocked. Our weather has been inconsistent too. Wonderfully warm and sunny yesterday. Cold, damp and blustery today. But the sun is shining! :-)

  9. Such a pretty scarf, and I though Sweet Violets was its name from the post title. Quite appropriate given the color. Have a good weekend!

  10. I love the beads - looking forward to seeing it blocked.
    It always amazes me how the weather changes everything. And little things like flowers starting to peek out. :) I'm in my yearly "perk up" time too and am so glad.

  11. So glad you cheered up!

    I love to bead my knits ... it's so rewarding :)

  12. Happy blocking this weekend, I love the colour of your scarf and I do hope it cheers you. I love violets too, such delicate, sweet little things.
    Thanks for your sweet comment about my cardigan, hehe I'm delighted to lengthen your queue!!

  13. pretty pretty beads!
    have a fantastic weekend Karen!

  14. Wild violets always make me smile, too... and, your scarf looks a lot like their color to me. ;) Beads are so fun! Looks forward to seeing the post-blocking photos! blessings ~ tanna

  15. that is so sweet karen, glad for those lovely violets. i have never knit with linen and am looking forward to seeing how it softens for you. beautiful color for spring!

  16. I am always affected by the weather and am glad to hear you are feeling happier.
    I love your beads, where they hard to do? I have that on my to learn list. I hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend.

  17. I feel fortunate to live where we do have a change of seasons. My sister has early summer, summer and late summer...sometimes a bit of fall, but no changing leaves. She misses the 4 seasons... Sometimes the dreary weather gets me in a slump, too. But then the snow falls, blanketing the ground with a quiet peacefulness and time for reflection and hope. Then, the willows turn green and the plants leap out of the ground and the birds come back and life begins anew. Summer...brings the flowers and hot sun and all the things that come with summer. Fall gives us the cool refreshing temps and beautiful colors of Autumn. ALL the seasons have their best and worst sides. I'm just glad I get to enjoy them all. And with all of them, I find time for knitting and other handwork. Just depends on the temps what I'll choose to work on. Thanks for your thoughts...

  18. I am sadly influenced by dull, grey days as well. Just what we are having here now - as more snow falls. Love those sunny days of clothes on the line and picnics in the yard. Thanks for reminding me there is beauty in it all!

  19. I'm glad you're felling happy now. It's amazing how nature can calm and brighten our mood.

    clever you beading as you knit...I don't think I've ever tried that but it's another project I'm looking forward to seeing it. It matches your violets beautifully.
    Happy days

  20. I love deep shades of indigo and violet in your scarf. I have never knit with linen before, so it will be interesting to hear how much it softens as you go through finishing. I live for longer days... anything but winter. The time between winter solstice and spring equinox is always a challenge for me, although I've learned to appreciate the beauty of the monotone landscape and quiet before the rush that happens as temperatures climb. I'm late to the comment box, but hope you are still feeling bright and happy.


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