My weekend:

-driving through crazy rain storms to pick up our son for a Math Subject GRE test on Saturday
-picking up an unwell son (spring virus-hope I do not get it!!)
-scrapping plans for dinner out and opting for a quiet meal at home
-Dr. Who episode, yep, I'm officially hooked and I'm by myself on this one
-knitting my second sock while watching some video game playing
-adding the finishing touches of my daughter's birthday gift
-a Sunday alone with knitting and reading and laundry
-while my husband does the driving of:  a) delivering a gift and b) delivering our son back to campus
-new project with the yarn in the photo

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. Love the rich orange of your yarn. My weekend . . . a little antiquing, painting an art journal page, and starting a new knitting project.

  2. Sounds like a very busy weekend! Hope everyone is on the mend/well.

    Enjoy Dr Who - which doctor are you watching?

    Love your image and the new header :)

    Have a good week :)

  3. Your weekend sounds lovely! I've been dyeing fiber and spinning (and watching video games). We need to catch up on our Doctor Who (the whole family loves it, thankfully) - we haven't seen the current season yet. Also, I've been working on a dalek shirt for the Beast's third birthday a week from tomorrow (he loves walking around the house declaring "exterminate! exterminate!").

  4. Beautiful new design Karen- love your header!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend- hope your son feels better soon.
    Have great evening:)

  5. Pretty yarn! Have you seen the Doctor Who inspired sock pattern? It's a fun knit! Hope your son is all better with a little TLC from Mom!

  6. We are all watching Dr. Who right now as I type this, lol. The little one started watching it and now has us all hooked.

    Hoping your son is doing well.

    Love the new header by the way. Gorgeous!

  7. Sounds lovely! Sorry about the storms and sick boy... Love the new header! Your yarn makes me sigh deeply, it's been too long since I got out my needles and string.

  8. Love Doctor Who! We missed last night's episode so we are watching it tonight. :)

    And I love your new header. So pretty!

  9. Yes! My sis got us hooked on Doctor Who but we are a few episodes behind. It's our evening indulgence, haha.

    Stay healthy! Hope your son returned to school feeling much better.

  10. Hope you don't get your son's virus! I had a spring virus recently - not fun. A Sunday alone sounds lovely - glad you got some knitting and reading done - what is your new project? The yarn is a lovely fall-ish color!

  11. love the new header!! I've missed my blogging friends this week....feel so disconnected! Here's hoping son didn't share his 'cooties'....that yarn is lovely!! can't wait to see what it wants to be.

  12. The yarn is such a pretty color! We spent some of the weekend working in the garden, I had a fun night with great friends, a work related dinner... Busy, but lots of fun.

  13. I do hope your son is feeling better, it's no fun being sick.

    I have yet to see an episode of Dr. Who, but then I haven't seen Downton Abbey yet either. I really must sit down one day and watch them.

    I love your new header, it's perfect for spring.

  14. Love your new photo header!

    We had some sort of virus in the house all last week ~ no fun for those who got it. Fingers crossed that it passes you by. I am totally unfamiliar with Dr. Who but my older daughter just got hooked.

    Happy Monday :)

  15. if your hubby is taking the boy back, he must be better.
    I'm glad!
    Hugs and have a great week.

  16. I love the picture of yarn being wound, it just gives me the urge to knit! :)

  17. hope your son is feeling better!

    and love the new look :)

  18. Spring viruses are no fun :( Hope he is feeling better and that you steered far from it! I'm LOVING the new look :)

  19. viruses are no fun! hope nobody else got it!
    my weekend was nice with going out with friends and helping other friends with renovations.
    enjoy your week!

  20. At last I'm catching up on blog reading. I've missed everyone...and yours has changed...it looks so pretty Karen. Lovely for spring.

    Sorry to hear about the virus hope all get well soon.

    I haven't seen the first episode of the new Dr Who series yet, hopefully we'll find time to catch up this weekend. This is the only Dr Who that I actually like, he's so eccentric, I really love him...I can't wait. Nor can I wait to see your new project...hopefully you'll be sharing for Yarn Along.

    I'll just do a quick catch up with what you've been doing now.
    Have a great week.

  21. I love the occasional day alone... knitting, reading and doing laundry. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  22. What a beautiful photo! I am sure a yarn winder (if that is the technical term!) is a very useful thing to have. When my mom and I bought the yarn for my first socks, I made such a colossal knot out of it, and we spent the whole day trying to get it undone: ack! Now I know better, but my mom, I tell you, is a saint!

  23. hope health is restored.
    sounds like you got a lot of knitting done!!!

    p.s. i haven't visited in a while...your new header is gorgeous!!!!!


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