Honey Sunflower Shawl

I finished this little shawlette last week and wanted to share it with you.  I was gifted a lovely skein of Cima for Christmas (thanks sis!) and scoured Ravelry for a project.  This beautiful skein had only 328 yards which made it a challenge to find a pattern, but I did.

My chart reading was off (user error) so I know where a tiny mistake is but I'm not telling :)  I love how the shawl turned out.  Oh and I must correct myself.  I stated a while back that everyone should knit with a wool silk blend.  Ahem, this is an alpaca wool blend....I could have sworn it had silk-it sure felt like it!

I highly recommend the yarn, it was a joy to knit with.  The shawl pattern I would say is for an advanced knitter who is very confident with chart reading.  It's a beautiful pattern with a lovely lace design edging.  Oh and you can make the shawl bigger if you have more yardage.


  1. LOVE!! I think that pattern will be in my queue soon.
    The color of the yarn is so very much a favorite of mine...beautiful.

  2. So pretty!
    The color and pattern are great!
    Thanks for sharing about the mistake too... Does make me feel better about my own imperfect knitting. :-)

  3. i logged onto flickr for the first time in ages and was first taken aback by the horrible redesign and then immediately saw your shawl and felt much better :)

    lovely job, as always!

  4. Love the color of the yarn and the pattern. Very, very pretty!

  5. It's gorgeous! I bet nobody will ever notice that mistake anyway!

  6. I love it, Karen! What a fun knit, and you did a great job on it!

  7. It's beautiful!

  8. I love the edging! It looks beautiful, and I think it's nice that it's smaller than the usual size. Sometimes you just need a little wrap around your shoulders!

  9. That is just beautiful. I like the unusual lace pattern.

  10. Ooooo, that's one honey of a shawl--I *love* it. The color is gorgeous and the pattern is really pretty, but also wearable.

    Oh, and it looks perfect to me!

  11. Lovely! It looks like a fun knit.


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