Moments and Thankfulness

It's been a quiet week full of rainy dreary days.  Early mornings (5 a.m.) I'm serenaded by the birds mostly robins, sometimes a woodpecker, rain and thunder.  I pause and listen enjoying that moment before my day begins.

The days have been quiet now that we are two.  I'm focusing on knitting my various projects, planning some fall knitting classes and joyfully glancing at the cleared off coffee table.  That will never get old.  Menu planning became easy this week-we ate through the leftovers.  Gone is the l-o-n-g list of snacks and foods to buy.  We keep it simple when it's just two.  Salads for lunch every day.  In a few weeks we will be harvesting our own lettuce and spinach.

I am thankful for:

-avocados-can't stop eating them.
-family-how days, weeks can pass by, yet you pick up where you left off when you last saw them
-phone calls from kids-it's nice to know they are happy and they want to call us :)
-being two of us-we are once again enjoying being together planning outings
-vertical blinds-we close them so Frodo cannot see the rabbits.
-ripping out knitting-found a mistake and joyfully ripped because that is better than finding the mistake after the project is blocked
-puzzles-jigsaw, crossword, cryptoquip, sudoku you name them I'm addicted
-dvrs-we are catching up on all the saved episodes of various shows
-everyone's comments on my post on Wednesday about the unloved semicolon.
-quiet mornings, coffee with sugar no cream, snippets of songs in my mind on repeat, chocolate anything.

What are you thankful for?

have a lovely weekend!


  1. Beautiful images today- sounds like some nice things to be grateful for- I love hearing birds again now that summer is here. Have a lovely weekend Karen- hope you have some wonderful outings with hubby :)

  2. Oh those avocados....yum! A full house with lots of going ons. And Monday off of work cause I need to read about semicolons.

  3. Right now I'm thankful for the sun shining, a few minutes of quiet, and lavendar yarn in my hands :)
    Happy weekend!

  4. Ah, this post makes me ready for the weekend and ready to call my Dad. I'm feelin' crazy, may have to wrestle up an avocado and watch Lord of the Rings again, and fix my knitting. I'm thankful for the supportive people in my life. I'm thankful for boney elementary school hugs and when I don't have to ask my hand is reached for and quietly held by the big and the small.

  5. This past week I missed the early morning sound of the birds. We shut the windows and turned on the AC. This old brick house gets too hot otherwise. But on the other hand, I did sleep in if you want to call it that.

  6. I love this post. And identifying with lots of little bits. I'm off track with my early risings and need to get back on track. Those early hours with hot coffee and quiet are priceless. Have a great weekend!

  7. Yes, I'm thankful for the birdsong and the early mornings and late evenings which lure us outside. We too have had rainy days. Oh, and avocados? I cannot get enough of them either. Together with melons, peaches, tomatoes..

    Happy weekend to you,


  8. Sounds like a beautiful week Karen. We have been getting the thunderstorms in the afternoon, hooray, we are out of the drought!

    I love avocados and have been eating them daily too. I like to eat mine on sweet potoatos or mixed with papaya, very tasty.

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  9. i think we are having similar weather to you Karen that's making everyone complain and wonder what happened to summer...but being a Northerner I love rainy days and am secretly thankful for them along with the birdsong at dawn and weekends that are gone in the blink of an eye...

  10. perfect list of 'thankfuls'! Right at the moment I'm thankful for chaos!! (and the beach!!)

  11. You are so inspiring, Karen:) I can only imagine starting my days at 5am! When I do get up that early, it feels like a special magical world is awaiting me. So happy to hear you are enjoying time with your husband and knowing that your kids are happy and well and want to be in touch. I think this is the way it is for our parents too;) We haven't started a family yet, and I so look forward to it, but I look forward to those years too!


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