Summer Musings

It's summer!  As I was reading last night in bed, I was thinking of how quickly spring came and went.  Personally I thought it was a beautiful spring, my husband would say different.  He's disappointed that the pool is still a tad too chilly for swimming.  I could go on about how summer is my least favorite season (I know I'm an odd one) but instead I'll give you my list of what I do like about summer.

-sitting at the patio table with my husband mid morning drinking iced tea
-bird watching from the same table (we're thinking of binocular investing)
-no set alarms for early morning because the daylight and the birdsong are enough

-basil pesto pasta by the buckets full
-homegrown vegetables
-early evening walks without a coat

-sandal wearing with blue toe nail polish
-day trips without the worry of bad weather (as in snow and ice)
-knitting outside

-and reading outside
-the feel of grass tickling my ankles while walking Frodo around the yard
-having AC to escape any hot weather

All of the photos were taken at my dad and step mom's house.  My favorite one is the last one.  It's creepy and beautiful with those pesky gypsy moths that have invaded their property.  We were there on Father's day along with my sister and brother-in-law.  We had a great time with good food.  As you might have guessed, I was too busy eating to photograph our bountiful meal.  I promise you it was delicious.

What do you like most about summer?


  1. Summer actually begins at 5 o'clock tonight. I love the dawn chorus early in the morning and long nights when you can get lots done. Being in the garden where there's lots of cool shade on hot days and walking bare foot around the house with the windows wide open all day long...

    Thanks for sharing your lovely summer photo's Karen.

    Have a lovely weekend..

  2. Whoops, meant to say that summer begins here tonight...

  3. oh, Karen, my summer loves are much fewer than you, it's my most unfavorite season. But, I, too, can find the silver lining if I look hard enough---farmer's market and garden raised yummies are the top of the list, a little more time with the grands since they are out of from the, I'll have to seriously put on my thinking cap. :)

  4. Happy summer! I love that I have work off from teaching (at least this year!), swimming, concerts outside, camping, barbeques, hikes. However, summer here doesn't really start until after July 4th. Yesterday is was in the 60's and raining on and off.

  5. Oh I am not a summer fan at all! The ac runs non stop, my hair grows everytime I move [and not in a good way], I melt from the heat and the bugs are horrid. On the other hand, I do love not having a schedule, all the fresh fruits and vegetables and no paperwork until fall.
    Have a fun time this weekend.

  6. I'm with you - summer is my least favorite season too - BUT I love how you're focusing on all of the wonderful parts of it! :) My favorite part is gardening - eating fresh veg that we've grown ourselves. I also love dusk in the summer months - and thunderstorms!

  7. I do love summer for sure! Actually, even better here in NH than southern Ohio because it's less humid and doesn't get quite so hot. favorite thing has to be open windows :)

  8. Summers here in Arizona are too hot for me, but I love a nice dip in the pool, very early morning walks with my husband and summer get-aways to see family. For me, summer never lasts long enough! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Summer is my least favorite too. I would much rather be chilly and put on a sweater - it doesn't work so well in the reverse! But there is still so much to enjoy :)

  10. The last statue is creepy. I am not a fan of moths, hence I am not a fan of caterpillars. As a fellow winter lover, I tend to hurry summer along but I am trying to make myself enjoy it this year.

  11. Yes on the binoculars, we love having ours and enjoy bird watching as we eat our meals outside. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. My toe nails are blue right now.

  13. In Virginia, summer is lovely but hot and humid. Love the flowers, beach, and sunlight, but done by August!

  14. I could go on and on about all that I love about summer... my favorite thing is the long, long days of light... ;) And, yes, I do share some traits with Frodo. LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  15. Swimming, watermelon, daring libations, no schedule, camping. Oh sweet corn too. It's been a bit cool here until the past couple days. The kids will be glad to go to the pool finally!

  16. I love the long days but loath the heat ... a coolish summer is my idea of heaven. It's cool here at the moment, but sadly far too windy to sit and knit outside. I have to say summer is probably my least favourite season too, well late summer anyway, but then I guess without summer's excesses we might not appreciate the other seasons so much :)

  17. I've never been a fan of summer. It's too hot & the sun makes me so tired. But I do love visiting my family for a week, and this year I'm excited about our garden. I think I need to grow more basil next year; I want basil pesto! xo

  18. This is such a fantastic idea! I, like you, am not a big lover of summer. I wouldn't mind it too much, really, but it just gets so hot here. This summer has not been too bad yet, thankfully, and I find myself noticing more things to love about this season. Thank you for the reminder to look on the bright side! I may borrow this idea for a post, if you don't mind! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one...that's not a summer person that is. My favorite thing about summer is the family beach trip.


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