Do you see him?  He has no fear!  I am a mere three feet away as I took the photo.  An hour later he went off into the woods.  The squirrel on the left is not real, just in case you think the animals are living harmoniously together where I live.

Yesterday we found a wild baby bunny nest, my son counted five!!  Today, sadly one was caught by Frodo-not sure if he'll make it but we are hoping for a miracle.  Why do these animals insist on entering the fenced in back yard-home of my mighty warrior hunter??

My weekend was:

-relaxing with knitting (what else?) 
-some podcast listening
-reading and doing puzzles
-purchasing a new journal book and nifty pen to go with it
-outings with my son who will be leaving in one week
-welcoming home my husband who was away at a conference
-eating yummy tossed salads

How was your weekend?  

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  1. I guess you provide such an enticing backyard spa-area....how can they resist???? sounds like a great weekend!!!

  2. oooh yes! i see him :) get well wishes being sent for your little bunny.

    sounds like a wonderful weekend! hope the coming week is just as wonderful!

  3. I do see him and he looks very relaxed in your garden :) I picked up a new journal this weekend too, not that I needed it, but I know I will use it one day.

    Enjoy the week with your son before he heads off.

  4. ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope the baby makes it.

  5. I did not see him at first. He is very well camoflaged! Sounds like you had a good weekend.

  6. The rabbits are all over here too, so cute. Have a great Monday and enjoy the time with your son.

  7. What a sweet looking bunny! Mowgli hasn't discovered bunnies yet. I'm afraid for them when he does... He runs so darn fast they won't stand much of a chance in our yard. Sounds like you had a nice and relaxing weekend.

  8. It took me a few minutes to spot the bunny! great photo. New journal AND new pen?! Oh my...journaling heaven!

    Enjoy these next few days with your son. :)

  9. What a fearless bunny! Sounds like a lovely weekend, friend!

  10. Brazen bunnies! Sound like the deer at my parents' house. But although I have seen a neighborhood cat stalking one they have yet to catch one.
    Sounds like a lovely weekend! Here was not quite so peaceful but so it is with littles and off-and-on rain showers. But the week is off to a lovely start :)

  11. So cute! I remember the thrill of seeing a bunny when I was a child in my very urban environment. I hope the little guy made it!

  12. I love bunnies! So cute!
    Glad you are enjoying some time with your son!

  13. at first i thought the squirrel was real ;-) took me a few minutes to find the bunny. i'm sure it would've taken frodo one second to zero in on the bunny. clearly frodo can teach me a few things!

  14. Oh it sounds like Tales of Beatrix Potter. Hope the little on survives.


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