What a weekend it was

-packing up the son for his summer research program
-driving to the place, seeing his new room-collaborators in research
--saying goodbye
-saying "hello!" to:  my kitchen counter and my coffee table-I've had THREE weeks of his stuff littering it.  Drives me nuts
-a quite Sunday evening will an eerie silence now that he's gone
-meeting with a friend for knitting and missing two friends who were busy

How was your weekend?

Joining Amanda


  1. it's funny how they drive you crazy with the noise and the stuff but then, when they're gone you miss them terribly. i'm afraid that when #1 drives off to college i might just collapse in a puddle on the floor :(

  2. I really know that happy emptiness.....I ache when the kids aren't here, and yet I'm always glad to regain my space and order. I think it must be a mom-thing!! will they be popping in at all this summer?

  3. I hope your son has a great summer. Not of my have flown the coop yet, but I can imagine it's very bittersweet - happy for them, but lonely for you. Oh, motherhood!

  4. oh you made me laugh out loud when you said 'hello' to your kitchen counter and coffee table. yes, clean, uncluttered surfaces make things so much better...hard for us to do around here, especially with a toddler...nevermind counters and tables...floors are cluttered with trails of stuff! eep :)

    have a lovely week and happy knitting!

  5. Oh I bet saying good bye is tough, can't even imagine it. But the clean counters and clear coffee table, I would love that :)

  6. I'm glad you have your space back, I get it.
    So, what's on your needles right now? I heard you have knit Traveling Woman? Did you like the pattern?

    1. I loved the traveling woman shawl pattern, I downloaded it way back when it was a free download. It's the kind of shawl you can knit until you run out of yarn :)

  7. Boys do spread out, don't they? Their comings and goings help prepare you for the eventual grandkids' comings and goings. Don't know which is harder.

  8. My college student is home for the summer and I don't know how she functions in her room as it is totally trashed and she is very often overflowing to many other spaces. Love her like crazy but this gets me ready for when she leaves again

  9. What a great weekend! Your son sounds like my teen... haha! We talk A LOT about respecting the standards of the house!

  10. Isn't it crazy? We miss them when they are gone, but we love when their mess is gone. I walked into my oldest's room yesterday and yikes! And my kitchen...where did all these dishes come from?

  11. You seem to be just a little ahead of me Karen, Jules just got his drivers license yesterday...it's going way to fast!
    Well at least you have a clean counter surface- something to smile about :)

  12. glad you got your counter cleared off! that would drive me NUTS!


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