On Friday, we ate at a relocated restaurant, same great food in a different location.  The buffalo wings were oh so delicious! They create the best veggie wrap that I've ever eaten.  There is a magical ingredient that I quite can't figure out.  Whenever I make them...well, let's just leave the magic to the experts.

Saturday morning found us garage sale-ing.  My husband focused on the mad hunt for records or CDs and I'm just there for moral support (or whining if I'm bored).  I rarely fine an item worthy to purchase but I do love the experience.  The first stop was my lucky day!  I found five wade figurines that begged me to take them home.  I guess I'm a collector now that I own fourteen of them.  My husband unearthed a Barry Manilow record (I know I'm dating myself here) for 50 cents.

Once we arrived home we read, knit (just me), mowed (just him) and whipped up a simple dinner of chicken on the grill with rice and steamed vegetables.  Being outside in the early morning sunshine is one of the best perks of summer along with sitting outdoors and listening to the birds in the afternoon.

After Mass this morning, I quickly gathered and started the laundry, washed all the spinach from the garden because it's bolting and cleaned up the dishes in the sink.  I met with friends for some conversational knitting which led to all talking and minimal knitting.  So much laughing and catching up while trying to focus on not dropping a stitch-multitasking at its finest :)

How was your weekend?

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  1. Those are so cute. I really like the chicken ones. We had a leisurely weekend too.

  2. I love Barry!
    Your little figurines are so cute, I'll keep my eye out for them for you. Your afternoon sounds lovely. I have been canning [and finished] tomatoes...96 quarts quartered, 3 dozen quarts salsa, and 3 dozen quarts pasta sauce...I pooped!

  3. We had a nice and leisurely weekend too. Naps, yarn buying a two trips to the park.

  4. you just have the best quiet weekends!!!

    Yes, Barry!!! (saw him in concert once....what a showman!) Love your new collection!

  5. Just a heavenly weekend, Karen!! I am in a knitting funk because I am trying to FORCE myself to finish the Unloved Project. LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I was a huge Barry Manilow fan at one time (must be about your age). Is he still alive?? By the way, I had to take my old blog private due to some "cyber security" issues so have started anew. Please feel free to visit, comment and follow along. Link below. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  7. I wish we had garage sales here. Although we do have car boor sales, and they are always first thing in the morning, by the time I am up and compos mentis everything's all over.

    I had some Wade figurines when I was a child, mine were called Whimsies. I sold them all at a car boot sale for a few pence many year ago, oops.

  8. Cute figures! You give me hope: a favorite restaurant and really a landmark is being forced to move to build apartments. I hope they make a good transition.

  9. Meeting get togethers with friends are great, aren't they? But you are right, minimal knitting gets done (or in my case, maximum stitch dropping :) ).

    Enjoy your week!

  10. Oh sounds like a lovely weekend, especially the conversational knitting :)

  11. OOh, love that little green rooster! I seemed to have developed a rooster thing over the last few years. I love the early mornings outside, too. So peaceful, isn't it? We are a little rainy, foggy and humid here but we do need the rain, so I will refrain from complaining...just yet.;) (oh, and at the risk of dating of myself, I used to l-o-v-e Barry Manilow ~ my kids would say "Barry who?" Ha!)

  12. It was a busy weekend for us. We're still trying to play catch up from being gone for four weeks and then we decided to start new projects as well. Never a dull moment... :-)

  13. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Karen. I love garage sales!

  14. What fun! I can totally relate to the joy of finding such treasures in unexpected places! Our weekend was relaxed and fun--we had some friends over to swim, which made the heat much more bearable:)


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