My husband and I have made an effort to go on day trips, enjoying what is near where we live.  As much as I long for a beach getaway and maybe it will happen this year but I doubt it, I can get lost in taking in the sights and sounds of Northeastern PA.

Yesterday we drove a few towns over and spent some time at Knoebels Amusement Resort.  We had a  great time walking around.  You see, it's one of the few amusement parks where admittance is free.

And the parking is free. (you still by tickets to ride)  Gotta love that.

You would never catch me on that ride in a million years.

I've been waiting for the perfect weather day:  low humidity, mid seventies, blue skies and during a week day :)

My children would have loved to have any of those brightly colored "buy me now" toys.

Just look at that sky!  Is it beautiful or what?

That is my husband, not realizing that I've stopped for a photo.  He's quite patient when photography is involved.  My favorite part was the kiddie area-it brought back great memories of my two riding the rides.


  1. Free admittance and free parking?? I'm surprised something like that still exists! ;-)

  2. Awesome that you and hubby do day trips- day dates. Looks so fun under that blue sky- gorgeous summer day. Looks like a wonderful time.

  3. Seems like a nice place, and the weather looks gorgeous! We have a free animal park not too far from us, I couldn't believe it when we first discovered it!

  4. What a great time!!! Our day today (weather wise!) is like that....low humidity (almost none), warm & blue skies with hardly any clouds. GORGEOUS. I've been on that ride before, the one where you are sitting with your legs dangling and they pull you up then let you go. Probably the only time in my life I've screamed curse words the whole time. I'll never do THAT again. I was in high school and think that was probably the last amusement park ride I've been on since!!

  5. It looks like you chose a gorgeous day for your adventure!

    Is that cheese on the fries? I'll never forget the first time I was in Pitt I saw people putting fries in their burgers and on their salads :)

    1. Yes, he loves cheese on fries, and gravy on fries, and cheese and gravy on fries....I'm just a salt and ketchup girl :)

  6. What a great day! Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. Beautiful pictures. I love day trips with just hubby and me too.

  8. MMMMmmm, cheesy fries! What a fabulous, fun day! I love that picture of the Ferris wheel against the summer sky. : )

  9. Now that looks like a great way to spend the day.
    I love amusement rides, but my Mike does not. Love all
    your photos Karen, it really does look like a fun place.

  10. Looks like a fun place and a very nice day trip. Those fries sure to look yummy. Must be lunch time! Have a great week!

  11. What a great way to spend the day. And free admittance and!

  12. I love Knoebel's and have great memories of it both as a child and when we took our boys there. Despite living 10 min from Hershey Park our boys preferred Knoebel's because of the laid back atmosphere - which was fine with me.

  13. Great pictures! Looks like a perfect day to be out and about.

  14. what a wonderful day together, and that sky is gorgeous karen! it's been mostly foggy here, a cool damp summer so far. i do like it, but i think people coming to experiance sunny beach days probably don't!

  15. those fries look AMAZING.
    You had me at the fries.

  16. Cool! I also love taking advantage of local attractions. Glad you had some nice weather for it (and some fries!) :)


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