The weekend was not quiet or relaxing but it was jammed packed with fun.  I had a full house with both kids home.  At any given time the tv was on and they were watching movies or playing vintage video games.  The dishwasher was run daily and boy, I was knee deep in laundry.   However, I was excited to do laundry because I'm breaking in a new washer.  I wonder when the novelty will wear off?

Today, my daughter returns to her apartment to start the third year of law school which is also the last year of law school, she is ready to move on.  One day the UPS truck appeared, everyone was quite excited-he's like Santa you know-and my daughter received a beautiful bouquet of lilies from her boyfriend.  How lovely and I've enjoyed looking at them every day.  Beside the bouquet is a photo of the greatest pup in the world, Zoe.  I loved her so and still think about her-when she died in 2009 we quickly set about picking out another dog who wouldn't look like her, that dog is Frodo another greatest pup in the world.

Yesterday at church, there was an old man who attended Mass dressed all in white, when he received communion he wore a traveling backpack and carried a walking stick and a tattered loved holy bible.  I wonder if I was a traveling man (well woman) what would I consider essential to put in that back pack?  Sadly, I think I have too many "essential" belongings and feel that this man is closer to happiness by being free of possessions.  Makes me ponder.  

Over the weekend, my husband has built an antenna so we can receive the local channels for free in the house and make that move to cut the cord to the satellite company.  This project has kept him quite busy and it's been entertaining to hear "hey, we got 10 channels" as he checks out each TV.  Do you have cable or satellite?  Or did you cut the cord??

You know very well there was knitting jammed into the weekend, more about that tomorrow :)

How was your weekend??


  1. Reading about your weekend with the kids home, makes me think about what it will be like for us when ours leave the nest. I am glad we still have a few years before that happens. :-) We had a lovely weekend at home, took one of our girls to the movies (while the other one was at a friends house), invited our neighbor over for lunch, had some much needed down time before school starts...

  2. Sounds like you enjoyed a nice weekend. My son and daughter-in-law are here for a week. I love having them home.

  3. Right now we have a satellite provided by our landlady, but when we move I don't think we'll get one. Most of our tv-watching is done via internet anyways!

    My family's dog, Blue, passed away in 2009 as well and I still miss him so much! My parents waited a bit to get another dog, Pippin. Both of them are mini schnauzers like Frodo. :) I think we'll wait to get a dog until the kids are old enough to help take care of it!

  4. Good stuff Karen-congrats to your daughter with being close to the finish line in law school...no small task there, wow. I was chuckling at your hubs with the TV channels...sounds like a really good idea- I would only do it if I was guaranteed Duck Dynasty...hehe

  5. The flowers are beautiful! I love when things like the "traveling man" happen. It makes us stop and think about what is really important.

    We have cable and my hubby wants to get rid of it and get a satellite. I don't think we could cut the cord completely. We are such a bunch of sports fans that there would be grumpy people around if we didn't have access to ALL the channels.

  6. Such beautiful flowers, looks like your daughter has a great young man in her life.
    We have Directv and I would love to just throw all the tv's out, but I have a few males here who would melt if I did. We use to just have an antenna,but after Hurricane Hugo came and knocked everything out no antenna would work [the tv station lost it's tower too]. Mike grew up without an tv, not having one until we got married, so he is just a little bit hooked on flipping channels at night when he finally comes in.

  7. Lovely post. What a wonderful weekend.
    I especially love hearing about the gentleman in white at church. Isn't it fun to try and figure out who they are and what they are about?

  8. Wonderful photos of Lake Wallenpaupack. I live near Tunkhannock and surprisingly have never been there. I enjoy seeing your knitting
    projects. Always fun to see a shot of the local scenery as well. The Endless Mountains Fiber Festival will be held at the Harford Fair grounds on September 7th and 8th. I don't know if you've ever been there but it's well worth a visit for all knitters.

  9. very pretty flowers!

    we cut the cord. we were without power and cable for over two weeks after hurricane gustav and we realized it was an easy cord to cut ;-)

  10. Your husband sounds like mine :) We're cutting the cord soon, only going the netflix route. ($8 a month instead of $90 for cable!) I'd still like to get a few local channels though, maybe I can talk my mr.into building an antennae too?! (or my Dad, he's always building radio antennaes for his HAM.)
    The man at your church sounds intriguing; I wonder what's in that back pack...

  11. Beautiful flowers. I would love to cut the cord, but hubby here won't have it. We compromise, no TV until the little man is in bed. Personally I could live without and do, as I don't watch it, but he does love his history channel. And man I could do without the monthly bill :)

    Have a wonderful week.

  12. What a wonderful post--I loved reading every word of it! When my Buddy died last year, we did the same thing: went out and got a puppy that looked nothing like him. We went from a big black lab to a little pug. : )

    For the first half of our marriage we lived without cable television--we had just five channels. Now we do have cable (my husband loves watching the sports channels, and I love old movies).

    The man you saw at church--I always feel very blessed when I see something or meet someone that makes me ponder my own path.

    You weekend sounds like it was lovely: lilies, laundry and all! ♥

  13. Sounds like a lovely weekend, just like those beautiful flowers. I can only imagine that my "traveling pack" would really be a small U-haul. I need to work on reducing, constantly. We are cable junkies. It's only gotten worse with us adding on first, a sports channel for my soccer and then HBO for Game of Thrones. At least we knit and read with the t.v. on, right? I can't believe you had time to squeeze in some knitting, but am excited to see what you're up to.

  14. We do not have cable, never have. we get the free basic channels plus we have netflix and that seems like more than enough to me. I love people watching and imagining just what the man's backpack would have contained. Sounds like you had a full and happy weekend!

  15. We just have the occasional netflix. My kids have, happily, grown up thus far not understanding what commercials are. (:

  16. we have directv.. my husband just can't live without the football package. however, we don't really watch live tv otherwise.
    sounds like a fun weekend!

  17. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Isn't it amazing how different it is when the kids are back home? Wait'll they start bringing grand kids! That makes for a really lively and fun household. We have never had cable and just make do with what we can get...neither of us watch much tv at all; we'd rather read.

  18. No TV but we do use netflix. It wasn't all that hard. I think it has been over 10 years.

  19. Beautiful lilies! They are my favorite:) We don't have tv, but I just watch everything on my computer. Sometimes I need some background noise for knitting or cross stitching!


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