Lake Placid

Last Friday we left to have a long weekend getaway in Lake Placid, New York.  The ride was about seven hours with a few stops and a lunch.  Traffic was heavy until we past the exits for Lake George.  Then civilization was sparse, so was cell phone service and it was fantastic.  The views were incredible, majestic mountains, large boulders and not many people-so beautiful.

The first two photos were taken from our balcony at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, we had a lovely suite with a sitting area besides the bed and a lake view right about the private beach area.  I highly recommend the hotel.  We received a complimentary bottle of wine and a goody bag upon check in.  I love those sweet touches, seldom found while traveling.

Our lake was Mirror Lake, adjacent to Lake Placid.  No motorized crafts are allowed on Mirror Lake so that means when you are swimming, or canoeing or boating or kayaking you will not be pummeled by a wake formed by speedboats, how thoughtful :)

The town had lots of shopping and many restaurants to choose from-oh and so dog friendly!  I sort of wished I had Frodo with us.  Many families and couples had their dogs on vacation.

On the beach of our hotel were two docks with boats, canoes, paddle boats, and kayaks all complimentary with the stay-first come first serve-no limit.

That's my husband, kayaking and now wanting to buy a lake house, and kayaks...we will see!  I am not water adventurous like him but I did ride in a rowboat with him.  Being a negative thinker I did not take the big camera or the iphone in case of capsizing..kind of wished I wasn't a negative thinker.  But my cameras are safe!

I lugged around the big camera all weekend long in my purse and it was nice to use it.  Lately I'm grabbing my iphone and I do like those photos but there's something about a DSLR that makes photography fun.

Oh this photo above was one of our lakeside dinners.  It was my favorite meal.  We had hummus with vegetables and pita bread-and simple sandwiches.  Mine was a turkey cheddar apple on whole wheat bread with.....wait for it....cranberry mayonnaise - I could eat a VAT of that stuff.  Probably not healthy but my oh my.

And this photo is a daybreak photo.  Our last morning before packing up and heading home.

Later this week I'll show you where we adventured while there.


  1. What gorgeous pictures!!! It looks like such a peaceful place to visit. My husband would be jealous of the kayaking. He's been wanting to do it for years. But I'm a chicken and don't want to go. He's anxiously awaiting the day when Ree is old enough to go with him!

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, and the pictures certainly show that. Your daybreak photo is simply gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like a perfect getaway and a great way to start the fall season! Wonderful photos.

  4. Beautiful photos, Karen. Sounds like great fun. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love that area of NY.

  6. what a perfectly heavenly getaway!!! This goes to show how lousy my geography is......I've actually been to Lake George (on a knitting getaway--dragged Robyn with me....and we both returned a few years later to knit again when she was pregnant with Justin who turns 10 in a couple weeks---it's been that long ago!)

    That whole area is fabulous......haven't been back. Now, of course, I want to go!!!!

  7. That daybreak photo is absolutely stunning..

    What a wonderful vacation!

  8. Just beautiful. It has been a while since we have visited Lake Placid and your pictures make me want to get back there soon. We are a little closer than you, only a 5.5 hour drive :)

  9. Beautiful place for a getaway! The lake and mountain views are breathtaking!

  10. How fun was that?!It looks so pretty there Karen and I am so happy you had that experience. And cranberry mayo? Now I am on a mission to find a recipe, it sounds amazing.

      Does this look close? I found a lot of recipes, but like the makeup of this one.

    2. Hee hee

      I think it was a mix of mayo and cranberry sauce. No horseradish and I didn't taste lemon.

      It was THE best thing ever, made the sandwich fresh and new- I might have to whip some up...oh it was a dark pink so 1 to 1 ratio?? Perhaps??

      If you make it let me know.

  11. I just LOVE cranberry and cream cheese on a tortilla wrap, so I bet I'd love your mayo-n-cranberry combo. :) What a wonderful getaway!

  12. What a great get-a-way! It sure was a terrific way to bid the summer farewell. Enjoy this shortened week!

  13. Looks like a great place. I've been to that part of NY. I may have to add it to my travel queue.

  14. love this peek into your looks and sounds like a perfect time!
    so glad you had this.

  15. Wow! These pictures are gorgeous! Seriously gorgeous. I love little getaways like this one! Although seven hours is a bit more of a drive, it looks like it was totally worth it. I am always afriad to take my camera or phone out on boats too...but then at least they are safe! My friend has a waterproof phone case, though, and it seems to work really well!


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