A Weekend in Ottawa

This weekend we went up to visit my husband's brother, his wife and family in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Oh the fun that we had.  Whenever we are all together within 24 hours I am laughing so hard I am crying.  It's over something silly and childish but my oh my it's fun!  My brother in law is funny.  I love when it gets too crazy and my sister in law reprimands him (while laughing).

We did the same market (byward) to walk around and take in the sights sounds and the delicious aromas of what is for sale.  I enjoyed a lovely breakfast outside in a courtyard (not photoed, I was too busy eating).

The patriotic cookies are still there in massive quantities-yum!  The streets were speckled with outdoor musicians hoping for some spare change and the sidewalk chalk artist was sketching just like the last time we were there.

Would you believe that crossing the border each way was easy peasy?  We've been doing it for decades.  It never fails that the Canadian officer is cheerful and the American officer is a bit dour (he needs one of those cookies).  Coming home there was NO line at all at the border!!  Unheard of!!

We parked in a rather dirty parking garage that was so filthy I didn't touch the bannister-yet look at this beautiful view in the above photo-beauty is there when you look especially through the camera lens.

When we were finished toodling about the downtown area, we drove the "parkway" and stopped at an overlook area for some more scenery and photo taking. This is Hull, Quebec part of Gatineau, Quebec. We have never been there but frequently look at it from Ottawa (a future trip perhaps?)

As quickly as we arrived on Friday, I was back home again on Sunday.  I must say, I love coming home!!

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend Karen.
    My husband loves to go to Canada, I"ve never been, but he always has a great time.
    PS- I need one of those cookies.

  2. I've been to both Montreal and Quebec a few times. I love the feel of both cities....they both have a European feel of history. Something that I just don't feel here at home. If that makes sense! I love your pictures. Those cookie...yum yum!!!

  3. This is why I love autumn so much......just look at all that goodness (as well as all that family-time!!!) Those pumpkins!!! THose cookies!!!! and I bet the weather was perfect (temp-wise)...wear any wooly things??????

  4. Sounds wonderful, Karen! Those pictures are just lovely and scrumptious...and yes to laughing so hard until you cry - I love when that happens :)

    Enjoy the week ahead.

  5. Special family times do indeed give us reason for celebration...for laughing until we are crying...because family fills our hearts and souls like nothing else can do. We are headed to DE this coming weekend to spend time with our daughter, son-in-law and grandson so I'm looking forward to some of that fun you had this past weekend!

    My weekend was filled with making memories with my hubby as we celebrated my birthday. We took in a festival in Amish country not far from here, went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and then yesterday took a long ride exploring new territory to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

    Oh...and Welcome Home! :)

  6. Those are wonderful pictures. The scenery is beautiful and so are the cookies. You might like to link to Weekending. You can read my blog post for today and there's a link at the end. I know others would love to see your pretty pictures.

  7. sweet Karen! thanks for sharing.
    nothing like a patriotic cookie, I always say. ; )

  8. Look at all the color! I love the pumpkins and the cookies and the beauty all around you. I'd say it was a spectacular weekend!

  9. It looks like you had an amazing weekend Karen. It's always been a dream to visit Canada. Gorgeous photos. My weekend was with family too we visited one of my sisters in Sussex and had an amazing woodland walk discovering red spotted mushrooms and laughed and ate a lot too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. It looks like fun! Ottawa is a beautiful city - lucky you having an excuse to visit ;)

  11. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Sounds like a perfect autumn weekend filled with lovely sites and good company. : )

  12. Wow! I am so behind on your blog since I have been so sick and also trying to catch up on my painting class--I have missed so much your bright pictures and happy tales! These photos are so fantastic, and I love every single one of them! We have never been to that part of Canada, but you've got me itching for a trip!

  13. I can't believe you were so close. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. So happy you had a good time.

  14. Look at all those sites of fall! My most favorite. I've never been to Canada but loved seeing all the sites through your photos.

  15. It's interesting to see how different countries celebrate, I don't think Australia has a fancy cookie for Australia Day- only a boring ANZAC cookie for ANZAC day.
    Lovely photos

  16. We love Canada - been far too long since we visited family there - but it is on the 'To Do' list :o)
    Your week-end looks fab - makes me want to hop on a plane and get over there!

  17. It all looks great, the best kind of weekend I have cousins in Ottawa, I often think how much I'd like to visit them there :).

  18. So much fun! I now want to go to the nearest bakery and get cookies.

  19. Looks like a great time! Funny, I'm reading this post just as my daughter is studying Canadian geography and map-drawing, as well as doing a report on maple trees :)


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