Goodbye October and List Making

Oh October,

I love you so, you will be sorely missed.  It seems that you were only here just a brief time.  I documented your beauty daily with words and with photos.  How nice to have been graced with leaves changing and falling temps.  I will hold you deep in my heart until another year passes and you visit once again.


a devoted fan. (me)

I have begun the list making for the holidays.  Who to buy for, what to give, what has been made, what do I need to make.  My goal is to be done and wrapped by December 1st.  That way I have three more weeks for what I didn't accomplish.  I do not perform well under pressure.

Along with the personal list making, have you seen the post from Amanda where she created this prompt a day for the month of November!!  I thought it was generous of her and I love the idea of using the prompts for personal journaling, photography, or maybe for a blog post.  I have a lovely notebook that is begging for some new creative entries.


  1. The leaves have all fallen from my beloved tulip tree, a hard frost has brought an end to my petunias and marigolds, and my b-day has past. Must be time to begin thinking of the holidays to come. :) I'm off to check out Amanda's prompts...
    Loving your journal, btw. :)

  2. I am also making a list for November and lamenting the end of October.

  3. I think I have the same notebook. I keep saving it, but for what I am still unsure.

    I can't believe October is over.

  4. I love October. I love November even more. Gosh, having everything wrapped by December 1st is an impossible dream for me! I don't usually begin my shopping until the day after Thanksgiving!

    Love the link to the November writing prompts--I think I will give them a try. : )

  5. You know, I'm not quite ready to see October go either. But I am looking forward to thanksgiving!

  6. I will miss October too, but I think November is our October here--super excited for that! You are light years ahead of me on the Christmas stuff! Also, if you like listing, you might like 30 Days of Lists! There is a new round starting in December!

  7. Oh the lists are being made here too. I actually wrapped a few presents yesterday..oh yes I did :)

  8. I love it! Guess what is on my "to-do" list for tomorrow? Yep...making the same lists you made today because I don't work well under pressure either! :)

    I have a new journal as well...perhaps I may check out Amanda's site. :) Thanks for the "follow", Karen.

  9. I will miss October too! That list prompt is a cute idea!

  10. Oh how I will miss October too! Here it was chilly and wet and it didn't seem like it was here at all. I'm hoping for an early spring since we had an early winter!

  11. I will miss October too! And yes, such a pretty notebook. I hope you have fun writing in it and the prompts bring you a bit of inspiration :)

  12. A foot of snow is predicted tomorrow on Mt. Rainier, and even some on the lower passes. I guess it really is November, isn't it?


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